Configuring the MX7 Tecton with HSM Connect (or LXEConnect). The MX7 Tecton can be locked manually by tapping Start > Lock. By default, this option is. The MX7 Bluetooth® module supports LXE Bluetooth printers and scanners. Important Contact your LXE representative to obtain the LXE Manuals CD. MX7 MX7 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Route the cable from the cradle to the DC to DC converter. Bluetooth Lxez Pairing Tecton supports authentication requests from pairing devices.

Honeywell MX7 Tecton User Manual

Page Use the left and right scroll buttons to move from application setup screen to application setup Scroll Buttons screen. EndIfFile Notes If the file already exists the commands are executed. Page The Stop Ping button can be tapped to end the ping manuxl ahead of the ping Ping Timeout ms manuql. The chart below lists the symbologies and advanced configuration parameters available for that oxe. Page Transmit Check Character — When enabled, transmit the check character.

Tap ok to store any additions, deletions or changes. Choose a different trip point from the drop down list and click OK. Using The Applock Switchpad Click the switchpad icon in the taskbar.

Enter the user name, password manial domain. Page Rejected barcodes generate a bad scan beep. You will see a bracketed crosshair strike the barcode. The success of the application of settings is dependent upon the local configuration of control parameters for the Enabler. Page 74 Information to User A label on the exterior of the device should resemble one of the labels shown below the label contains the LXE part number of the installed radio card.


There are two exit paths from the enumeration function. After the administrator specifies applications to lock, a password is assigned and the device is rebooted or the hotkey is pressed, the MX7 Tecton switches to end-user mode.

Make any desired parameter changes as described in the applicable following section determined by network security type mamual click the Commit button to save the changes. The left and right buttons update the information on the screen with the previous or next configured application respectively. Page Tap the Barcode Data button. Adjust the settings and tap OK to save the changes.

Page Address book application.

Page Both AppLock. The touchscreen heating elements and scanner aperture heating elements may be visible when the MX7 is tilted slightly. Got it, continue to print. Heating Elements The touchscreen heating elements and scanner aperture heating elements ,xe be visible when the MX7 is tilted slightly.

Spelling checker, cut and paste are available, undo and redo commands.

It is not recommended that comments be placed on the end of lines as any future changes could render your script files incompatible. To install a User certificate: The Battery Charger and AC adapter are not designed to operate in a freezer or cold storage environment.

The buttons on this tab are dimmed if the user is not logged in as Admin. If the password is not configured, a new device switches into Administration MX7 is out of range of all paired Bluetooth device s.

LXE MX7 Tecton Reference Manual

COM1 does not support 5V switchable power on Pin 9 for tethered scanners. The password prompt remains Mx7 multi-charger for use with lxe lithium ion battery packs 60 pages. This information is also available on the LXE website. This menu option is designed to manage downloaded applications for automatic execution upon startup.


Le parameter cannot be configured from the Network Avalanche Mobility Center Console and is enabled by default. Programs Odyssey Client Odyssey md7 installs and runs after every Stored Credentials, How To: When the battery is out of the MX7, any dust or moisture that enters the battery compartment can get into the main unit, potentially causing damage.

Quick Start MX7 with Odyssey Client Based on your installed software version and hardware options, your system may not be exactly the same as the system described in this guide. EXE All applications to be installed into memory are normally in Settings Control Panel Lce Displays hardware and software details Group H — Null terminated string defines the set of characters in group H.

SCU connects to and, if necessary, authenticates with, one of the specified profiles or the Off button is clicked to turn off Auto Profile.

Word Mobile Pxe, view, edit documents. Failure to follow these instructions can result in damage to the main battery or the charger. Enter these items as directed below. MX7 MultiCharger or the mobile device.


Change the parameter values and tap OK to save the changes. The password encryption failed. Information to User A label on the exterior maual the device should resemble one of the labels shown below the label contains the LXE part number of the installed radio card.

Mx7 Cradles optional MX7.