KNGF-richtlijn Acuut Enkelletsel. Submitted by Lo-epid on 24 July – pm. Title, KNGF-richtlijn Acuut Enkelletsel. Publication Type, Journal Article. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Schuifladetest van de enkel | Bij de schuifladetest van de enkel wordt de voet ten opzichte KNGF richtlijn enkelletsel. kngf-richtlijn enkelletsel supplement bij het nederlands tijdschrift voor fysiotherapie jaargang nummer kngf-richtlijn enkelletsel praktijkrichtlijn ph.

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KNGF evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

Kosten en baten van enkelbraces bij voetbal. Am J Sports Med May;24 3: High-intensity training with a bi-directional bicycle pedal improves performance in mechanically unstable ankles – a prospective randomized study of 19 subjects.

Objective of this study richylijn to investigate the ability for adherence to ejkelletsel of the clinical guideline Acute ankle injury by measuring process and outcome of the intervention with the use of indicators, and to identify patient characteristics that determine adherence to the clinical guideline.

Am J Sports Med Jan;26 1: Vind snel je relevante informatie in de Evidence Based Products via de tabs of uitgebreid zoeken met trefwoorden!

J Am Ostheopath Assoc ; 9: Adherence to the guideline, even in a group of physiotherapists familiar with the guideline, showed possibilities for improvement.


They found statistically significant increase of knowledge and identification of recommendations in the active intervention group compared to the passive dissemination group. Enkelletsek een diagnostisch of therapeutisch proces Behandelmethode Diagnose methode Type je trefwoorden in A limited number of patient characteristics female, recurrent injury, co-morbidity were identified as determinants for adherence to the guideline, also when corrected for physiotherapist characteristics.

J Bone Joint Surg ;A: Phys Rehab Med ;8: Table 1 Summary of recommendations in clinical guideline Acute ankle injury.

KNGF richtlijn samenvatting enkel acuut

A multi-station proprioceptive exercise program in patients with ankle instability. Ankle disk training influences reaction times of selected muscles in a simulated ankle sprain.

Methode voor centrale richtlijnontwikkeling en implementatie in de fysiotherapie. Ankle instability caused by prolonged peroneal reaction time.

Documents Flashcards Bundles Textbooks. Low-level laser therapy in ankle sprains: Peroneal latency in normal and injured ankles at varying angles of perturbation. Physical Therapy of the foot and ankle.

Adherence to the guideline, even in a specific kgnf familiar with the guideline, showed possibilities for improvement. Data collection Using the registration form, data were collected about patient characteristics.

KNGF-richtlijn Acuut Enkelletsel | CARIM

Subacromiale klachten, acuut knieletsel, nekpijn, lage rugpijn, enkelletsel, artrose heup-knie, meniscectomie en KANS. J Eval Clin Pract May;10 2: Am J Sports Med Nov;27 6: Inversietrauma van de enkel, ontstaansmechanismen, risicofactoren richt,ijn preventie.


Physiotherapy for patients with lateral ankle sprains. The prognosis of ankle sprains. Prospective evaluation of the Ottawa Ankle Rules in a university sports medicine center. Patient characteristics at the beginning of treatment were used to investigate correlation with adherence to the guideline. Proprioception in classical ballet dancers. Implications for implementation Implementation of clinical guidelines requires a tailored and multi-facetted approach [ 1 ].

Int J Sports Med. Med Sci Sports Exerc ;16 1: Effectiveness of exercise therapy and manual mobilisation in acute ankle sprain and functional instability: Evaluating two implementation strategies for whiplash guidelines in physiotherapy: Trends Neurosci Feb;15 2: Functional instability in non-contact ankle ligament injuries.

Am J Sports Med Sep;21 5: Effects ricytlijn strength training on strength development and joint position sense in functionally unstable ankles. Patient characteristics were kngff using descriptive statistics.

Experience of the physiotherapist increased adherence to the number or treatment sessions, which also increased the explained variance. Fam Pract Res J ; On diagnostic ejkelletsel in patients with severe ankle sprain thesis. A randomized, controlled study using isometric and concentric isokinetic training.