Triptych is a thriller novel by American author Karin Slaughter. The first in her Atlanta series, the novel stars Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of. A longtime fan of her Grant County series, I was interested to see how Karin Slaughter would fare in her stand-alone effort Triptych. The story of an Atlanta serial. The first two books in the series are Triptych and Fractured. Later, Sara Linton from The Grant County Series joins the series, and also appears in Undone.

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Here is a little clip of the author speaking about this book: Jayna She was just simply crazy. And Triptych is just another confirmation of this. She was like a Triptych.

Would totally do Angie. It crackles with energy, has enough twists and turns to keep any reader off balance, and has nail-biting action that will keep you turning page after page. A three panel painting or photograph. As each character is introduced and their personal stories start to unfold I struggled with keeping my emotions and reaction towards them in check.


Jul 26, Pages Buy. KS did a great job with this book. This was a solid start to a series. It also gets him into trouble. I also find the out of order flashbacks of John Shelley’s life annoying. A canvas that appeared one way on the outside but different on the inside. Will continues his struggle to keep anyone from finding out about his dyslexiaa definite career-ender, and Will’s career is the only thing that keeps the painful demons of his own past at bay.


The story was totally engrossing. Karin Slaughter puts so much care in her characters – villains included – that even though you want them to burn, you don’t want them to get caught in some two-pages scene and call it a day: Aleesha Monroe is found in the stairwell in a pool of her own blood, her body horribly mutilated.

Sometimes my stupidity astounds me. He is not generally liked, except by Angie, a hard-assed vice cop working as an undercover prostitute.

,arin I had to go back to the beginning to reread and ascertain that yes, she was …more That was one of those “what??? Michael’s mother I forgot the bitch’s name but trust me, she’s a bitch. I look forward to reading more in this series. Not that it makes a bad book. But the first half led me into thinking that this would be The Crime Masterpiece.


LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. This book is the 1st in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter and is an excellent read. Maybe it was some other shiny words bound together.

Any misstep can send him back to a cell. View all 15 comments. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. And the people who are chasing him must cross those boundaries, too.

Triptych– book review

Other books in the series. Packed with body-bending switchbacks, searing psychological suspense and human emotions, Triptych ratchets up the tension one revelation at a time as it races to a shattering and unforgettable climax. I’m going to have tripgych say yes, yes it was. And if you do decide to read it, and you did read plenty of K.