Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English, German, Polish (translation) The Invincible – Kindle edition by Stanislaw Lem. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. I suppose I have followed the conventional route through Stanislaw Lem’s version of scientifiction. Starting with Solaris and moving to the. Anybody who likes a tight, increasingly tense plot-line rising to a scene of dramatic violence will be satisfied. Anybody who likes a mystery will find it here — and.

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Home Books Novels The Invincible. Rather, the quality of not being on point is represented by the ambiguity inherent to the elements used to present the agenda—a signal vs.

In any case, The Invincible is the story of an heavily-armed exploration ship that sets out to discover what happened to The Condor, a similar ship that landed on the uninhabited and desolate planet Regis III before losing contact without warning.

When it filled half the width of the screen the annihilation reactor was turned off. During the search for the lost ship unknown structures are discovered, probably forming the equivalent of an Earth city.

The Invincible

Lem is an author I feel I should have read as a SF fan, so am finally getting around to his works. Tema je prvi susret, krstarica Nepobjedivi dolazi na naizgled pusti planet Regis III, u potrazi za nestalom krstaricom Kondor. The xtanislaw Condor never returned after landing on Regis III, so its sister ship Invincible is dispatched on a rescue mission.

His books have been translated into 41 languages and have sold over 27 million copies. His most famous book is Solaris written in in Polish see my review of the book as well as the Tarkovsky film and Soderbergh film versionswhich was not translated into English until from the French edition, sranislaw than the original Polish.

Tension steadily escalating between the crew of the Invincible and what they discover on Regis III, the climax of action appropriately occurs much before the end such that the results may be surveyed.


Quickly discovering it in what appears the ruins of a long abandoned city, investigation of the streets and buildings is immediately forgotten when the first human skeleton peeps through the sand. Only beings that reason can understand the strangeness and free themselves from the fatalism of destruction.

A few reviewers complained about the apparent absence of women in the story. However what I really love is the sparse but effective characterization of the Invicible’s crew. Quotes lemm The Invincible. Only beings that reason can understand the strangeness and free themselves from the fatalism of destruction. Soon they find out mankind with all their technology is not as Invincible as they’d hoped, and a “mystery” story begins as they try to find out what it is that lives on this planet.

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Sometimes muddling matters as much as elucidating them, the mix of technology and presence of intelligence amongst the crew acts as an unintentional counter-weight to what they encounter on Regis III, and in turn somewhat distracts from the goal.

Refresh and try again. Print HardcoverPaperback. Kondor je devastiran a posade nema. This sentiment is not the exact point of the novel I read, but neither is it an airball. From the beginning there is an undercurrent of tension implying that the crew has been together in space a little too long.

Stanislaw Lem – The Invincible

While the characters are pretty much one-dimensional standins, that’s not what this novel is about. To taki Schopenhauer polskiej fantastyki naukowej. Consternation developing apace, the men of the Invincible learn that the whole crew of the Condor died in what dtanislaw the onset of psychosis. Between andLem authored 17 books. In the Invincible, this lack of understanding stanislww to violent confrontation, which adds to the core message of “we can not understand everything” with “we can not conquer everything”.

What’s also amazing about this story is its profound stanlslaw As the only realistic prospect of subduing the peculiar intelligence developed on Regis III is to cause planet-wide destruction with nuclear bombs, the crew come to the realization that this intelligence has become an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem — just like the ocean or the wind.


Bodies are found in the oddest positions and strange scribblings are gleaned from notebooks and soft surfaces.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Lo cual no es poco y me parece admirable. The latter part of the book This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp, but it is much more than that. Well, we don’t know anything about the culture of the period. Strojevi su prikazani kao neinteligentni, hladni i instinktivni.

The Invincible – Wikipedia

It aroused so many conflicting emotions in me. Unusually rich characterization for Lem, too.

It is time for both man and the Invincible — now quite defeated — to go home. Lem explores the idea Really fantastic classic sci-fi. Like many of Lem’s book, it is ultimately about challenging human’s default conception of seeing themselves as the center of the universe, and what space travel could truly mean: Invincible, and crew, are there to investigate the loss of sister ship, Condor.

Despite the robot analyzers, specialized technical gauges, and the best minds of the space program, Regis III hold its cards tight. Stanislaw Lem tends to be unrivalled when it comes to philosophical insights into first contact with alien intelligence. I found myself wondering of any of the creative team on the recent film Big Hero 6 had read this novel, as the “microbots” in the movie act very similarly to those in the book; albeit the Regis III version being autonomous.