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There’s no emotions concern about the personal issues such as death which for granted, I think it depends on the style of writing so I give him a chance and continue reading, which becomes my unconsolable regret. I just want my money back.

The ideas are fun, such as the mass of people taking their ailing relatives over the border so they can finish dying. Death reemerges not long thereafter, this time as a woman named death the lowercase name sxramago used to signify the difference between the death who ends the life of people, and the Death who will end all of the Universe. He writes in extremely long, run-on sentences, using a copious amount of commas.

What about attempts by the terminally ill to emigrate? The common citizens, however, generally enjoy their newfound immortality. How would the international community react?

Death with Interruptions – Wikipedia

This, plus the detached view, makes me saramaog it would have been better written as a short story. Refresh and try again. Views Read Edit View history. This is a silly book that’s too wordy to be clever and a philosophical book that’s too nonsensical to take seriously. The story kept dragging on and on and on with so may useless details. Just a moment while we sign you in to ca Goodreads account.


The style of writing lack of dialogue formatting, plethora of run-on and fragmented sentences, etc. The novel centers around death as both a phenomenon, and as an anthropomorphized character.

The problem I have here is contrasting to the first half that I complain about the banality, but the idea of humanizing some abstract but vast meanings, varied from many cultures and traditions into a form of a human is so problematic.

Return to Book Page. The complete cessation of dying leads to a growing fear among healthcare workers that the system will collapse under its own weight: I think it’ll be worth the effort. This page was last morrte on 21 Novemberat For much of the book, it’s rather like watching a swarm of insects reacting to the events, until the very end where we zone in on a couple of characters.

Honestly, it was a beating. Are there religious institutions needed for the sake to uplift people to heaven or hell? I’ll try some of his other novels, but I really didn’t get on with this. His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human inttermitencias rather than the officially sanctioned story.

Give it a try. Too bad, since the premise of the story seems really interesting. Death With Interruptions is not merely the worst experience I’ve ever had with a novel, it’s the antithesis of my basic literary beliefs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

As Intermitências da Morte

Bla bla bla lleno de jerga que solo llena el libro. The potential for a humanitarian cr Imagine if people stopped dying in your country; what saramao you think would happen? That’s why I’m giving up on this book. Read this under the compulsion of a book club, which goes to show you should never join anything.


But then again, this is not ibtermitencias science ficti The story of a country where people stop dying, they still age, and get injured, and eventually become a lump of nonfunctional meat, but they still don’t die, however that’s supposed to make sense. I cannot imagine anyone with at least elementary grade knowledge of biology and the human body can appreciate this premise, it goes against the basic rules of mechanics, physics and even common sense.

As Intermitências da Morte by José Saramago (1 star ratings)

The gift of immortality has its issues: Dz took me over three weeks to figure that life is just too short to read a book you don’t like. This was a highly anticipated read for me, but unfortunately around 70 pages in, I folded. But Saramago’s great blunder is not that he takes an intriguing idea and makes a joke out of it; it’s that he takes his joke and bludgeons it with verbose, rambling language.

Conversations between characters are not set out in any way, no quotation marks, no indentations, nothing. Conversations were the worst – a big round table discussion between lots of people is made up of one single sentence! Dialog is embedded in these paragraphs without quotations or indentation so it became REALLY difficult to follow who was speaking.