Common Names. Hoxsey herbs; Hoxsey formula; Hoxsey method. Jump to: For Patients & Caregivers; For Healthcare Professionals. The BioMedical Center may be the oldest alternative cancer clinic in North America. It started in Dallas, Texas, circa as the Harry Hoxsey Cancer Clinic . Cancer and Hoxsey therapy – It is always painful to swim against the flow!.

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In addition to the herbs, the Hoxsey treatment now also includes antiseptic douches and washes, laxative tablets, and nutritional supplements.

By the FDA used the courts to demand ingredient labelling and block interstate shipments. Even as long ago as the s, Dr J W Fell of the Middlesex Hospital was using bloodroot and zinc oxide directly onto malignant growths with great effect. Good scientific evidence for this use C: Hoxsey himself chose this site inwhen his last operation in the US was shut down. J Hist Med Allied Sci. In addition, it stipulated that Starchild would be treated by an oncologist of his choice who was both board-certified in radiation therapy as well as interested in alternative methods to treat Hodgkin disease.

However recent literature does support the ingredients. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ina group from the University of British Columbia visited Hoxsey’s Mexican clinic and obtained records for 71 Canadian patients treated by Hoxsey.

The treatment consists of a caustic herbal paste for external cancers or an herbal mixture for “internal” cancers, combined with laxatives, douches, vitamin supplementsand dietary changes. The above request was denied and the Hoxsey Therapy, infuriatingly, was never made available to Cancer clients. The basic solution was: Side Effects and Warnings Well-designed safety studies of the Hoxsey formula are currently unavailable. There are many case histories, though, for all cancers from breast to colon.


His fiery rhetoric about evil monopolies, conniving Jews and dastardly communists hit home with hhoxsey Americans who struggled to eke out an existence. They interviewed current and ex-patients and concluded that the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic is: But according to Hoxsey, it was the specific blend and amounts used that were critical.

The Suppression of a Natural Cancer Cure

If you have a medical condition, or are taking other drugs, herbs, or supplements, you should speak with a qualified healthcare provider before starting a new therapy. But after receiving the Hoxsey treatment in Dallas, she is going to school and is cancer free. Food and Drug Thfrapy does not strictly regulate herbs and supplements.

J Naturopathic Med ; 5 1: But not from cancer. The Assistant District Attorney of Dallas, Al Templeton, arrested Hoxsey almost times until in his brother developed a cancer and was cured by Hoxsey. Food and Drug Administration. The AMA accepted the challenge and twice asked Hoxsey to provide patient files.

Even the least studied herbs, stillingia and prickly ash, have anti-inflammatory or anaesthetic properties and are used in European folk remedies. The 6 survivors all claimed by mailed responses to questionnaires to be disease-free after five years of follow-up.

An alternative medicine definitive guide to cancer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since he or his workers did the original diagnoses, it is a good bet that many of the patients never had cancer to start with. Senate committee to look into Alternative Cancer Therapies. This food is provided by the toxins that you accumulate daily in your body. He believed that cancer was systemic — a disease of the whole body — and developed a herbal mixture to kill it off.


Hoxsfy analysis published in the alternative-medicine literature explored the feasibility of using the Bio Medical Center’s records in Tijuana as the basis for outcomes research on Hoxsey Therapy. Stillingia root Stillingia sylvatica. The authors concluded that it was not possible to reliably assess the Bio Medical Center’s outcomes because of the lack of documentation, limited follow-up, and failure to confirm in many cases the existence or hoxseu of cancer.

Hoxsey – the quack who cured cancer | CANCERactive

American Medical Association, Request Denied The above request was denied and the Hoxsey Therapy, infuriatingly, was never made available to Cancer clients.

There may be other proposed uses that are not listed below. Supplements include immune stimulants, yeast tablets, vitamin C, calcium and laxatives.

Statements about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Long term follow-up of cancer patients using Contreras, Hoxsey and Gerson therapies. Battles With The Medical Establishment.

You should always read product labels.

Hoxsey Therapy

Other ingredients are then added and may include licorice, red clover, burdock, stillingia root, berberis root, pokeroot, cascara, Aromatic USP 14, prickly ash hoxsy, and buckthorn bark. CA Cancer J Clin. Hoxsey Therapy To Fight Cancer Another great remedy that, once again, became the target of the medical establishment. In it, he described how his great grandfather, a Kentucky farmer, had noted a cancerous growth on the leg of one of his stallions.