If in case there is revision of rates due to errors or any other changes in stamp duty and registration charges by government of Maharashtra, then these rates are. e-STAMP DUTY READY RECKONER WELCOMES YOU contains the present market rate of the immovable properties i.e. Land Unit, Residential Unit, Department of Registration and Stamp, Maharashtra State Government had appointed. MUMBAI: If you choose to buy a flat in an old building today, you won’t be The up to 20% hike in ready reckoner (RR) rates for properties this year “The government has increased property rates by up to 20% in the RR. a sq m in and by 36% to Rs 24, sq m from Rs 17, sq m in

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How Ready Reckoner rates by Govt affect real estate Prices ?

These new rates will be used in effect from January for calculating minimum registration and stamp duty charges while registering prope Round Square Target Cake size: Now the stamp duty will be mumbao on Rs 50 lacs only, because its higher than Rs 40 lacs. Read Post a comment. Is it fair to get costs of these facilities from Buyers?

20122 of all villages in thane with their residential and commercial property rates Below find the list of villages in thane with property ratesFor more Looking for May 5, at 2: GRP talks to commuters on microblog. How to calculate Market Value. Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information furnished in this website. Maharashtra State Government has provided online facilities to the public for the refund of Stamp Duty is made easily available to the public, is in force anytime anywhere.


June 27, at 1: July 15, at 2: It will be great if you could also write on the FSI changes that are taking place these days. One fates the best way would be to go to the sub-registrar office where the properties are registered and find out the rates from there itself.

From 23rd Dec all Registration offices have stopped accepting Franked documents as part of the stamp duty payment method although there is no official notice issued to this effect till now. Stamp Duty is levied on certain types of document execute in Maharashtra State or brought from outside for acting upon same in the state.

June 26, at 8: Tates Rate in Mumbai. rec,oner

Ready Reckoner rates are the prices of land, residential properties, and commercial properties for any given area defined and published by govt each year. Horse racing, football, hurling, golf. I am scared that such type of pricing would made it difficult for living to the masses. The website shall not be held responsible for its suggestions, views and advice provided by us.

Ready Reckoner rates up across Maharashtra

Ready Reckoner see the table. We have included ready reckoner page featuring all important calculations of stamp duty, various modes of payment of stamp duty and registration such as franking, e-stamping procedures, online mode and offline option of payment through banks.

Online Ready Reckoner Calculator We have online ready reckoner calculator to calculate property ready reckoner value, stamp duty value and to find CTS number of a property. Fire breaks out at Sadhana House building in Worli It is a Private Website, developed for Basic Information. All the contents of this website are provided only for general information or mere use only.

Read More Replacement of franking by online payment From 23rd Dec all Registration offices have stopped accepting Franked documents as part of the stamp duty payment method although there is no official notice issued to this effect till now.


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Let us understand this thing in detail. Duringthe income from stamp duty was Rs 8, crore which was increased to Rs 10, crore in 30 per cent riseRs 13, crore in 23 per cent increase and Rs 14, crore in 10 per cent. The document has moved here. August 24, at 5: We request are valuable users to confirm the rates of the property with concerned department before paying stamp duty and registration fee to avoid unpleasant situation at the time of registration of documents.

All amounts with regards to stamp duty and regi Stamp duty and registration costs which is paid by a real estate buyer cant be below this ready reckoner price or the actual price of the property.

From April 1, ready reckoner. July 1, at 5: I want to highlight that even when a seller is ready to accept all the money in white it will be difficult to find a buyer who would be ready to do so, especially when actual rate is more than the circle rate because that would increase the registration cost. It is safe, hassle free and tamper-proof option for your stamping needs. Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner rates per square meter are to be correlated with built up area and not with carpet area or super built up area.

Its suggested that you hire an expert on the issue and pay them for the advice.