Godless has ratings and reviews. Stephen said: When it comes to politics I despise BOTH political parties. I’m an equal opportunity hater, and. In past #1 bestsellers, Ann Coulter has revealed how liberals lie about their In ” Godless: The Church of Liberalis”‘, she shows how Godless: The Church of. Ann Coulter’s book Godless: The Church of Liberalism makes the connection between liberalism and atheism, arguing that to its.

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Now I want to get on my 58 year old soapbox for godlsss minute. Religion was intended to remain a private matter yet conservatives continue to undermine the intent of the 1st amendment.

Soon gay groups were demanding an apology from the senator. Oct 17, Marvin rated it did godlesx like it Recommends it for: Buy the Audiobook Download: Your request has been submitted.

Aug 06, Some day, I predict kids will have to answer that question in history essays, and some of the brighter ones will get extra points for mentioning Ann Coulter. Oct 06, Julio Genao rated it did not like it.

Horton had been convicted of a brutal murder of a year old, Joey Fournier, who was killed while Horton was trying to rob the store Fournier was working at. Liberals believe in evolution, which makes apes, chimpanzees, and humans all the same. Rather gkdless instigating a thoughtful dialogue between conservatives and liberals it keeps the flames coukter bitterness, suspicion and hatred fanned between us.

I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much By contrast, the evolution cult members look at things they can’t explain and say, We can’t explain it, but the one thing we do know is that there is no intelligence in the ccoulter.

Evolution is still a theory in progress. I BOUGHT this book because of that controversy and because, on this subject, I happened to agree with Coulter, even though I don’t agree with her on some of her other points.


It was one of the most devastating environmental disasters in recent history.

Godless by Ann Coulter | : Books

They resisted in on procedural grounds only because it was an election year. Jul 18, Brandt rated it did not like it Recommends it for: She states that evolution can be summed up into three points:. No evidence for evolution? Very insightful pro-life information. They deny the Biblical idea of dominion and progress, the most ringing affirmation of which is the United States of America. View all 42 comments. The background is that Michael Dukakis, while he was Governor of Massachusetts, instituted a program of releasing criminals on furlough, which means they get to leave prison for the godlesss.

Liberals are constantly accusing Christians of monumental self-righteousness for daring to engage in free speech or for voting in accordance with their religious beliefs. Do you believe in a Higher Being?

They turned half of Germany into an inefficient manufacturing center. In GodlessCoulter throws open the doors of the Church of Liberalism, showing us its sacraments abortionits holy writ Roe v.

Godless: The Church of Liberalism: Ann Coulter: : Books

Then, of course, there’s the liberal creation myth: These homeowners were creating environmentally friendly ways to keep their excrement close to them. With the recent elections that have occurred, the Republicans godoess the majority in the Congress, and the pending election inthere is a great division in the United States between the Democrats and Republicans, and between liberals and conservatives. Liberalism is a religion, and a whacked out one at that, but conservatism is a rational school of thought?

I got this book for free, otherwise I would never had read it.

Godless: The Church of Liberalism

To quote an example: But even liberals ready to bust a gasket over her views will not be able to hold back a coluter now and then. That is the dumbest criticism that I have ever come across. Some credit this as one of the main reasons his party chose George W.


Their version of the Christian religion is the very heart and soul of their agenda. I would guess that I’m less likely to watch that than I am to finish Godlessbut it’s close. And if you don’t accept the giant raccoon flatulence theory for the origin of life, you must be a fundamentalist Christian nut who believes the Earth is flat. I’ve noticed something odd about this book and others by Ms.

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So she is definitely the sort of person most parents would want talking to their children about sex. So what — so we have our own worldview? Coulter reveals clulter in this book to be petty, vicious, totally devoid of any real ability to understand anything of a scientific nature, and coulte unwilling to have an open mind about anything outside her own very narrow outlook.

Abrasive and politically incorrect in the extreme, she calls it like she sees it and, if you can get past her confrontational style to her message, she is usually right on the money.

To be sure, 80 percent of the Republican Party is white and Christian, slightly higher than the nation as a whole, which is 70 percent white and Christian. She also points out how liberals are against killing violent criminals, but are in favor of killing millions of unborn fetuses every year.

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