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Glitch Series

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Everything was extremely detailed as well — applause there. But don’t worry, she lives. Glitch is the ultimate unsettling plot. I wish there were more insights on heathet way the world got to be the way it was portraited in the book, but still it got to grab my attention.

It’s quieter than excitement, but, [ Of course, this connection eventually transforms into true love. I was so pissed that I threw the book across the room.

I wouldn’t say it was neather, I actually have some little issues on some stuffs but I can overlook most of it because the overall was good and I really enjoyed it. But I had more than that n Thank you Netgalley and St.


Glitch is a solid beginning to an amazing series.

The Regulators I had passed moments before would drag me away. I felt as if I was experiencing these emotions with Zoe for the first time myself. But I did take gllitch off for the way everyone in this book swears. The battle is all but over, and hope seems to be lost. The journey throughout made me captivated enough to want more. June 10 31 36 Jun 15, I think we will see a lot more anastassiu her determination in the next book and I say bring it! Seeing only in gray, and even contemplating turning herself in as a glitcher, to keep the community running in perfect order.

Glitch : Heather Anastasiu :

View all 21 comments. I haven’t read dystopia novels lately and it’s really great to find a good one after a long break. The descriptions in the novel were very well received. The storyline in this was pretty good, and I enjoyed it overall.

Override (Glitch, #2) by Heather Anastasiu

Xona’s resentment towards Cole added to the animosity – because of a traumatic incident in her past, she can’t see the Regulators as anything but cold merciless killers. In Override, there is chaos, breaking free from the control that the government set into place.


I do not recommend it to anyone and suggest you avoid it like the plague. This is my number one favorite dystopian book of all times and of especially. He is pushy, needy, and clingy; basically he is the boy that just wants sex, magnified about one thousand times.

I did start to lose interest a hwather towards the end, but thankfully there were some twists thrown in to mollify me slightly. He doesn’t feel the need to say God dammit, like a normal person would, because he’s special.

And the way Adrien the love interest curses is annoying as hell. But seeing an glitxh copy of book two made me think otherwise. It kept me interested. Otherwise, Heather Anastasiu is a really good author and seems to know how to captivate an audience.

She can feel, see, smell things differently. When Max comes into the picture, Adrien is so understanding that it just made me love him all the more.