), author of ‘Abaqat al-Anwar fi Imamat al-A’immat al-Athar, . The arrival of Ha’iri in Qum not only brought about a revival of its madrasas but also began a. Thirteenth Hadith: Trust In God ( Tawakkul). بِالسَّنَدِ المُتَّصِلِ إِلَى الشَّيْخِ الجَلِيلِ. Imam Khomeini’s selection and exposition of forty ahadith that range over a broad area of Islamic philosophy, Islamic ideology, Islamic ethics, metaphysics and.

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People are very different in regard to the knowledge of the Lordship of the Sacred Essence. Skip to main content. What he meant is the station of rida.


Finally, on July 2,the US navy stationed in the Persian Gulf shot down a civilian Iranian airliner, with the loss of passengers. In the autumn ofit concluded a status of forces agreement with the United States that provided immunity from prosecution for all American personnel in Iran and their dependents.

Tuesday, November 13, The final break between Bazargan and the revolution came as a consequence of the occupation of the United States embassy in Tehran on November 4, by a coalition of students from the universities of Tehran.

It had moreover already functioned as a stronghold of ulama opposition to the Iranian monarchy during the Constitutional Revolution of On January 16, amid scenes of feverish popular rejoicing, the Shah left Iran for exile and death.

Imam Khomeini – Forty Hadith

A closely guarded compound umam up around the house, and it was there that he was destined to spend the rest of his life. The Imam had also gained the attention of the outside world, albeit in a less spectacular way, on January 4,when he sent Mikhail Gorbachev, then general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, a letter in which he predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disappearance of communism: In Januarythe Shah announced a six-point program of reform that he termed the White Revolution, an American-inspired package of measures designed to give his regime a liberal and progressive facade.

It was also at the Shaykh Murtaza Ansari madrasa that he delivered, between January 21 and February 8,his celebrated lectures on Wilayat al-faqih, the theory of governance that was to be flrty after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution. They sent one of their number, Ayatullah Kamalvand, to see the Shah and gauge his intentions.

Skip to main content. In this he was no doubt motivated in part by the hope that Burujirdi would adopt a firm position vis-a-vis Muhammad Riza Shah, the second Pahlavi ruler.


About The Author | Forty Hadith, An Exposition, Second Revised Edition |

This is because whereas the mutawakkil seeks his own good and benefit and entrust his affairs to God considering Him the provider of good, the radi one who has attained the station of rida is one who has annihilated his will in the Divine Will, having no more a separate will of his own.

Thiqah is the eye of tawakkul, the moving point of khmoeini circle of tafwid, and the inmost heart of taslim surrender.

As dawn broke imwm June 3, the news of his arrest spread first through Qum and then to other cities. His lectures were well attended, by students not only from Iran but also from Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf states. When Shahabadi first came to Qum in Sh. This prediction seemed extravagant to many in Iran, but a military expedition mounted by the United States on April 22, to rescue the American hostages and possibly, too, to attack sensitive sites in Tehran, came to an abrupt and humiliating end when the American gunship crashed into each other in a sandstorm near Tabas in southeastern Iran.

Algar has translated numerous books from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian, including the book Islam and Revolution: Thursday, September 20, The Ahdith declined the opportunity to be interviewed on Iraqi television soon after his arrival, and resolutely kept his distance from succeeding Iraqi administrations.

The enthusiasm aroused by the occupation of the embassy also helped to ensure a large turnout for the referendum that was held on December 2 and 3, to ratify the constitution that had been approved by the Assembly of Experts on November November Click [show] for important translation instructions.

Despite the killings that had taken place during the uprising, mass demonstrations were held in Tehran and elsewhere demanding his release and some of his colleagues came to the capital from Qum to lend their support to the demand.

The United States was, in any event, determined to deny Iran a decisive victory and stepped up its intervention in the conflict in a variety of ways.

Forty Hadith

Gnosis and ethics were also the subject of the first classes taught by the Imam. Then, gradually, his tawakkul becomes general, in that it extends from hidden and inner causes to manifest and observable ones and from his own affairs to that of his relatives and associates.

This move was the first important turning point in his life. Grant brightness of sincerity to the mirror of the heart, Cleanse the rust of hypocrisy from the tablet of the heart, and show the path of virtue and salvation to the helpless wanderers in the mazes of the bewilderment and error and confusion.


By Hamid Algar 1. The first of these aims came closer to realization when Sayyid Jalal al- Din Tihrani came to Paris in order to seek a compromise with Imam Khumayni. Although the Shah showed no inclination to retreat or compromise, it took further pressure by Imam Khumayni on the other senior ulama of Qum to persuade them to decree a boycott of the referendum that the Shah had planned to obtain the appearance of popular approval for his White Revolution.

In Qum, Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad and Varamin, masses of angry demonstrators were confronted by tanks and ruthlessly slaughtered. Tawakkul means throwing the body down as in prostration in servitude to God and attaching the heart to His Lordship.

The stay in Turkey cannot have been congenial, for Turkish law forbade Imam Khumayni to wear the cloak and turban of the Muslim scholar, an identity which was integral to his being; the sole photographs in existence to show him bareheaded all belong to the period of exile in Turkey.

If sometimes they turn their attention to God and beseech something of Him, that is either on account of imitation or for reasons of caution; since not only they see no harm in it but allow a possibility of benefit. Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic maintained through his theological works that that resolution is the essence of humanity and criterion of human freedom.

More importantly, significant differences of outlook and approach separated the two bodies from each other. According to Imam Khomeini, if a man succeeds in driving off the legions of satanic armies from the empire of his soul, thus, the task of pursuing the journey towards God becomes easier, and the road to humanism is illuminated.

As he had earlier done with the disputes between the provisional government and the Council of the Islamic Revolution, the Imam sought to reconcile the parties, and on September 11 appealed to all branches of government and their members to set aside their differences. Imam Khumayni had also to deal with changing circumstances in Iraq. The outpouring of grief was massive and spontaneous, the exact counterpoint to the vast demonstrations of joy that had greeted his return to Iran a little over ten years earlier.

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