Take a look to Carlo Marchone approach on music, the transcriptions he made for guitar and personal opinions as a musician. Romantic Guitar by Stefan SCHMITZ. Song. Gabriel’s Oboe Ennio Morricone (Arr. Carlo Marchione) Schindler’s List John Williams (Arr. Nikita Koshkin). It was composed by Ennio Morricone. The transcription was created by Carlo Marchione. I added fingerings and corrected some notes.

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E. Morricone – Gabriel’s Oboe arr. Carlo Marchione – Uros Baric

As you see there is a lot of material and still much more to come In that year I was invited at various Guitar and Baroque Festivals yes! Nevertheless, the score of this large transcription work was published by the Italian edition Edizioni Suvini Zerboni and can still be purchased under the following number of order: The Chanterelle Edition published some year later 2 of them the K.

My aim was to get to the closest rendition of this pieces according to the original character by taking care, for instance, of the original real pitch and the use of the pedal on the piano in many passages, therefore you will find unconventional tonalities and tunings as well I hope this will not put you back on trying to play morrjcone


Another large project took place also inin occasion of the th anniversary of D. This mega project had as a result a large amount of transcriptions of Sonatas morricon this genial composer.

Since I have the music into my life I remember I make transcriptions. Our intention is to put online to buy many of the unedited transcriptions so that players who are interested in them can purchase their score easily and in a safe way.

Wonderful music which can be purchased at the Shop of this website the score and the recording as well. In everybody was celebrating, rightly, the th anniversary of W.

E. Morricone – Gabriel’s Oboe arr. Carlo Marchione

Mozart birth, so I waited the year after for presenting to the audience a masterpiece by the Divino, the Adagio KV in E minor original key: I hope you appreciate this project! So it is a good piece of luck that somebody very close to me convinced me to post for sell some of my transcriptions, in this way I am forced to write them down Already in the Italian editor Suvini Zerboni put me under contract for arranging in concert form 12 themes by Ennio Morricone, but because of change of owner and mazy copyright problems only many years later 7 of the 12 pieces could be published for arg.carlo publisher Carisch 11 of them have been by the way wonderfully recorded by the Italian guitar player Enea Leone, power of the name B minora 12 minutes long movement in sonata form with amazing changes of key and unbearable tor cantabile-passages.


This bad habit did not left me at all during my musician-life Some other wonderful sonatas can be purchased at our Online Shop. One can buy these transcriptions by visiting the Shop of this site.

Haydn Sonata or P. To complete the program I added music of composers who were in a direct or indirect way related to Mozart, like F. Unfortunately the Label, which owns nowadays the right on this recording, in spite of many orders from all over the world, refuses stubbornly to press it again.

For a fistful of notes One of my last projects was to transcribe 3 famous among guitar players masterworks by the Spanish composer I. Granada, Capricho Catalan and Tango.