The Deal Or No Deal presenter has warned of mankind’s greatest danger, but it’s OK as ‘there isn’t such a thing as death’. Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is planned at schools. The term electromagnetic smog refers to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment and the resulting permanent exposure of people and.

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Aggressiveness and lack of concentration were the result! Order by newest oldest recommendations. Cellular phone technologies emerged during the s; WiFi during the s. In other words, in a harmonic resonance field any artificial frequencies cannot have an effect.

The scientific debate remains heated and far from resolved, but the research to date suggests a number of chilling possibilities as to what EM radiation may be doing to us.

In a long-term experiment, researchers found that there is delayed development in the postnatal period, when the embryo is irradiated. Edmonds is an expert at this stuff. Clarke, Dominic, et al. How Electrosmog interacts with human metabolism There is no need to go into detail to understand the action of Electrosmog on human proteins.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Indeed, some patients have reported a surge in disease symptoms, occasionally an intolerable surge, after WiFi routers and cell phones have been switched off in their homes. So why do not human beings suffer immediate symptoms when exposed to Electrosmog? Meaningful measurements for the determination of wireless radiation was conducted by the University of Bremen on their campus, where a dense network of wireless reception points was established.


Electrosmog: the environmental threat that Noel Edmonds wants to save us from

For ionizing, one can choose dose units of Rad, Grey, Roentgen, Rem, Sieverts and the common dps disintegrations per second, often metered as counts per minute. Anti-inflammatory effects of low-intensity extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation: We used MD software to create a movie which allowed us to easily visualize the relative motion of each atom in the VDR as a envirohment of time.

The online version of this article doi: We have previously reported [ 9 — 13 ] that the drug olmesartan could be retargeted to produce immunostimulation in patients with autoimmune disease.

Li, Ying, et al. Click here to view our online e-Newsletter. Radiation from wireless signals and cell phones is harmful Dr.

Here are some tips: Oh, sure, 10 years ago the World Health Organisation denied that electromagnetic thf had any negative effect on humans, stating: This clothing typically has silver-coated polyester threads interwoven with the supporting fabric so that the garment is capable of partially blocking microwave Electrosmog see Fig.

We cannot ignore the increasing body of evidence showing electromagnetic effects on the immune system.

Proteins are continually in motion, responsive to electromagnetic waves We have previously reported [ 9 — 13 ] that the drug olmesartan could be retargeted to produce immunostimulation in patients with autoimmune disease.

A total of 64 patients took part in this case series, with a variety of immune diagnoses including arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, sjogrens and celiac. Well, you try summing up the greatest single threat facing mankind in a pithy sentence.

WiFi routers operate in this frequency range, and these routers already comprise a significant proportion of envirpnment Electrosmog. The VDR is even more susceptible when bound with its natural ligand The primary natural ligand for the VDR is 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin-D, a ligand with fewer oxygen atoms than olmesartan.


Modification of the activity of murine peritoneal neutrophils upon exposure to millimeter waves at close and far distances from the emitter.

Electrosmog and autoimmune disease

Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford, chairman of the department of neurosurgery at Lund University, has found that cell phone radiation kills brain cells in rats, especially those cells associated with memory and learning. With low-level non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, Lushnikov [ 5 ] found a suppressed immune response in elsctrosmog. Ann N Y Acad Sci.

It is therefore important to have electrosmpg peak-reading signal level meters when measuring the biological interaction potential of electromagnetic waves. Oschman, James and Nora Oschman. While we watch for reports on the effects of cell phone use on our health, we should also be thinking about cordless phones, smart meters, and possibly even our cars.

Dangers of Wifi: for man and environment –

Remember when he discovered cosmic ordering almost a decade ago? Discussion The experiments described in this paper confirm that biological molecules are constantly moving and interact with timescales measured in picoseconds. Open in a separate window. We here report that structural instability of the activated VDR becomes apparent when observing hydrogen bond behavior with molecular dynamics, revealing that the VDR pathway exhibits a susceptibility to Electrosmog.

Here are some tips:. Most of the amino acid residues making up the PDB: Lakehead refuses wireless technology Lakehead University has refused to install wireless technology on campus, citing health concerns. The sleeping caps case series Patients began to initiate protection by purchasing commercially available shielded clothing and tenting from retailers.