El clan del oso cavernario [Jean M. Auel] on Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario . Este libro es el mejor libro que he leído, lo recomiendo a cualquier adulto: “Los Pilares de la Tierra” de Ken Follett. EBOOKS / EPUB: Ken Follett – Los pilares de . Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Novela Histórica: El clan del oso cavernario, de jean m. auel. Compra, venta y subastas .

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First off, I have to give kudos to Auel for all the research and time she put into this novel. View all 3 comments. Lists with This Book. Again, this happens to Ayla quite a bit, in a rather uncomfortable rape montage nothing is too graphic, however. This e and the series that follows is endearing, troublesome, and whole-heartedly compassionate. Hmmm, I thought I’d proofread this Luckily for her, the same quake destroyed the cave of a clan of cavemen, and they are also wandering, in search of a new home.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario

The descriptions of the culture and customs of these people and their ways of life fascinated me. The flavor of this book is ‘tribal’, but the sentiment and the moral is, “the totem that chooses you can present many hardships and challenges, but the gifts are worth it. WELL It was worth the wait! I avoided it because of this. She does the one thing she can, and thus achieves nobility and strength her persecutor can only envy. I thought he was sweet and kind, a good father-figure for Ayla, and I loved the comparisons between him and Ayla and between him and Ayla’s son, Dirk.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario by Jean M. Auel (5 star ratings)

I kept hoping she’d stand up and say, “No! As I said above, I loved the research Auel put into this book; that said, inserting several passages ONLY to show what plants mixed with what odo would make a cure for this ailment got old.


It made me really start to think how things that seem so basic and simple and easy to us today are the products of ep and ages of evolution and development from beings much like these.

Tigress Warrior Elf Goodreads is not a site for reading books. There is some minor gore in hunting scene and one results in the death or a clan member. As ugly and strange to the clan as the girl seems, she brings them luck and they very soon find a new cave, even better than their last.

Thanks for the lovely discussions about unlovely things: Jean Auel is liibro in her ability to create a story that has you transported in time and live vicariously in Ayla’s world.

The long descriptions never come across as dry or boring, but instead leave me with more questions. Earth’s Children 6 books. She was more man than you are. I got to learn so much in this book, my mind was bent to new depths–what would life be like living in a cave?

There were a few times when she or her son got really close to that Mary Sue line–the amount of times she breaks rules and is able to keep from being killed is pretty astonishing. All in all a fabulous read.

Usually an author has to convince me to like their characters but this one was so easy. And the setting is so unique, the writing so kso, that I imagine most people will find themselves engaged. She is taken in by a clan of Neanderthals, less evolved than the cro-magnon, and raised to live by their methods.

At first, libgo others in the Clan are afraid of her blue eyes and the water she produces when she’s sad, but as the time and later the years go by she becomes integrated into their small community.


And a few times it got pushed back on a shelf and I forgot I owned it and that it existed at all. So anyways, she grows up, leaves them, meets up with her own people, and falls in love with a hot tall blonde guy named Jondalar. That said, The Clan of the Cave Bear has no peers. Not even 10 stars is enough for this book. I also loved that Ayla was an innovative and strong woman, and I enjoyed learning about botany and medicinal uses for plants as she became a medicine woman.

The descriptions are not graphic but some readers will be disturbed by the portrayal. I’ve heard so much about this series of books, particularly with the most recent and apparently last of the series??

Sure, they are wildly different from me in terms of customs, religion, ways of life, etc.

Again, the depictions are not graphic. She’s dead, and still she won. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Why did you threaten to strike a spirit? This is one of those rare books that leave me looking things up, poring over encyclopedias, scouring Wikipedia, anything for just a little more detail. The series was one that I read out loud to my wife; it also became one of her all-time favorites, and she re-reads it periodically on her own!

She can not only recall what she has been taught, but devise new treatments and medicines that would never occur to Iza.