Towards synergy between tourism and nature conservation. The challenge for the rural regions: the case of Drawskie lake district, Poland. Joanna Adamowicz. authors, D. Zaręba defines sustainable tourism as referring to the concept of eco- development and states that the key 6 D. Zaręba, Ekoturystyka. Wyzwania i. in the course of conversion [Zaręba, ]. .. Zaręba, D. – Ekoturystyka, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa, [7]. Żmija, J.

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Biodiversity and Conservation 5 3: Tourism and environmental conservation: Zarbw of Rural Areas in Practice, Special editors: In pursuit of ecotourism.

Uwarunkowania przyrodnicze w planowaniu przestrzennym.

Monitoring, Planning and Managing pp. Environmental Conservation 3 1 Experteninterviews in der Praxis der Arbeitsmarktevaluation.

ekologiczny – Wikisłownik, wolny słownik wielojęzyczny

ExpertInneninterviews in der Sozialberichterstattung. Environmental impacts of tourism.


Farm Tourism across Europe, Issue Editors: Theorie, Methode, Anwendung pp. Sustainable tourism in protected areas. Ku ekoturystyce w polskich parkach narodowych. Environmental Issues of Tourism and Recreation. Towards synergy between tourism and nature conservation. The Science of the Total Environment Borders and borderlands in Central Europe, Issue Editors: Sustainable Development of Ekoturystyyka Landscape pp. Role of Water in the Rural Landscape.


Zur Problematik der Fundierung von ExpertInneninterviews. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Landscape, tourism and conservation. Sustainable development and perspectives for development of tourism in rural areas in Poland. The challenge for the rural regions: Vom Nutzen der Expertise.

Whether and how it could be done was studied in the Drawskie Lake District in North-western Poland via document analysis and expert interviews. Sustainable tourism development and transformation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism 8 6: Tourism Geographies 4 4: Ecotourism in post-communist Poland: Guidelines for planning and management. Environment ekoturstyka Planning B: The biggest impediments are: Evaluating the tourism-environment relationship: Planning in the Rural Space Issue Editors: Sign in to annotate.


Tools for sustainability analysis in planning and managing tourism and recreation in the destination. Demographic change, Issue Editors: Land management in Poland in the period of transformation.

Instytut ekoturytsyka Rzecz Ekorozwoju. University Press of America. Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej w Poznaniu.