View full Dell UltraSharp UHM specs on CNET. Setting the display resolution to x (for UHM) Trademarks used in this text: Dell and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc; Microsoft and. The ” Dell UltraSharp UHM monitor with LED offers a brilliant view, rich The following table gives detailed information about the specs of the screen.

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This has been confirmed by Dell. VGA connector is a widespread connector and is found on many video cards, computer monitors, and some television sets. Cyber Monday Newegg deals: This page is currently only available in English.

This mode would give you more control over hardware level adjustments and some slight improvement in overall performance as well. Dynamic contrast ratio is available but does nothing in practice unfortunately. You can use our settings and try our calibrated ICC profile if you wish, which are available in our ICC profile database. Monitors by Rick Broida Sep 24, Compatible with Windows 7.

Both screens offer a standard gamut colour space, but W-LED is certainly the popular choice of manufacturers at the moment. To access the factory menu, hold the top two buttons down while powering the monitor on. This has environmental and energy saving implications which are of course attractive given the focus on carbon footprints and the like.

Dell UltraSharp U2212HM Series

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. As a result, a slight dark overshoot was introduced behind the moving car which you can see from the photos above. There is a preset mode available for ‘text’ which some users may want to use, and it can be set up with different u22122hm levels independent of your other preset modes which was good.

The UH and UHM are pretty much identical here, and the only thing that has really depl is the design. This would be classified as excellent colour fidelity by LaCie.

Colour settings allows you to change a couple of settings relating to colour format and gamma, but perhaps more useful here is access to the preset colour modes. Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating. The following summarises the screens performance in video applications: The CIE diagram on the left confirms that the monitors colour gamut black triangle very closely matches the sRGB colour space orange triangle.


At maximum brightness the luminance was recorded at Contrast ratio is the visual distance between the lightest and the darkest colors that may be reproduced on the display.

Dell UltraSharp UHM Overview – CNET

Responsiveness – They are all very close really but I’ve given the very del edge to the UHM since it offers slightly less motion blur. Cyber Monday deals u2212hj Costco: The dynamic contrast ratio is available in the game preset whereas is it not in the standard mode, although we have already seen that this does nothing in real use unfortunately. Pixel response times were basically the same as we’d seen from the 23″ and 24″ equivalents, with a low level of motion blur and a good performance which should be fine for most gamers wanting an IPS panel.

The image remained sharp and pretty clear and was a pleasing result. I will provide a comparison here between the new and old model to help you understand what has changed both from a technical and from a performance point of view. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature.

From a performance point of view there seemed to be a much better uniformity to the new model. Dell UltraSharp 49 is a big monitor matched by a big price.

As is becoming far too common, the dynamic contrast ratio was useless in practice which was a shame. Perhaps Dell have spent a bit of time ensuring sprc this setting is pretty accurate given that it is the most commonly used, but neglected to ensure the other modes are anywhere near the desired colour temperature. Sleep – the monitor enters the sleep mode when the PC is in the screen saver mode.

For this test I would use the colorimeter to record the luminance and black depths at the two extremes. Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: This ranged from 0. I followed LaCie’s calibration process through, adjusting u221hm OSD settings in line with the recommendations made in the process, and then letting the software carry out the LUT adjustments at a graphics card level and create an ICC profile.

There is some minimal overlapping depl the text across sub-pixels as you can see in the photo which results in this blurring.


Thankfully no leakage along any of the edges which has the potential to become distracting when watching movies, especially where black borders are present.

There are no further features here such as ambient light sensors, integrated speakers, card readers etc cell the screen is compatible with Dell’s sound bar. Where I was not able to separate the two they are shown in grey. It’s worth the money if you need the gaming speed It’s worth the money if you need the gaming speed by Lori Grunin.

It is y2212hm noting that panel uniformity can dfll from one screen to another, and can depend on manufacturing lines, screen transport and other local factors. The responsiveness of the UHM should be perfectly fine for most moderate to high gaming and shows a nice low level of motion blur.

The colour space of this screen is approximately equal to the sRGB reference and is considered a ‘standard gamut’ backlight type. Some models are starting to use ambient light sensors and dynamic brightness control which I think can be useful for office use.

This is actually a little more than the UM’s range of mm and matches the range of the UHM.

At the lower end the luminance ranged down to Panel Uniformity – The UHM wins here with a much better luminance uniformity than the UH from our tests Office and Windows – Nothing to really separate them here Viewing angles – again, nothing to really separate them Movies Overall – I’ve given the slight edge to the UHM because of its better calibrated black depth and contrast ratio, which will help with shadow detail and darker scenes.

Laptop Panel Parts Database. There is also a DisplayPort interface which is useful since it is becoming increasingly popular with graphics cards and external multimedia devices. Security lock slot cable lock sold separatelycable organizer, adjustable height. They are designed in a subtle way so as not to be too obtrusive during normal use and they work very well.