Curfewed Night [Basharat Peer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed. : Curfewed Night: One Kashmiri Journalist’s Frontline Account of Life , Love, and War in His Homeland (): Basharat Peer: Books. Find out more about Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more.

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Again, a must read for every Indian. If you notice, both the authors are Kashmiri, one is Kashmiri Pandit and the other a Muslim from Kashmir. Among other tragic talesin his moving memoir ,Basharat Peer also provides the fullest account of Gawkadal Bridge masscare and Syed Abdul Rahman Geelani ,who was arrested in winter for conspiring in the attack on parliament, and later acquitted from all the charges against him in October I’m glad that Peer has now chosen to dedicate his life to documenting it and I hope that others in India prer beyond will follow his example.

Curfewed Night

This is one such book. Book mainly focuses on nineties of Kashmir. We haven’t had military boots shoved into our faces, our neighbours and loved ones haven’t been dragged away in the dead of the night by army men, we haven’t lost an entire generation of young men fighting for freedom against a state that they scarcely feel any connection to and we certainly don’t have the right to make the choice about Kashmir.

Military checkpoints were everywhere, and humiliation and abuse from the Indian security forces towards the Kashmiri residents was part of daily life. It is also difficult to not be taken in by the poetry of Peer’s writing: Hope this writing inspires many others from the troubled and torn Kashmir valley to come up and give voice Pain and fear and loss and melancholy can shred souls okay but give them a pen a, camera, a voice and see what mountains they cannot move.

The Indian military in Kashmir is no exception and Peer brings it out poignantly and angrily in his book. The final chapters bring this great book to an emotional crescendo, with the spotlight on the hapless common Kashmiri. Being a journalist Basharat Peer had maintained his journalistic style writing throughout. The valley is splendidly described. He had mentioned in the book that one day, he would love to tell the world the realty about Kashmir.


Later he found that they have left the valley for their safety.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

It ran through everything a Kashmiri, an Indian and a Pakistani said, wrote, and did. The book is sensitively written and manag I’m frequently amazed at how little contemporary reporting there is on the Kashmir conflict, given the staggering militarization and human suffering that it has engendered. The book details the massacres purported by the Indian army as well as the atrocities committed by the Pakistani trained militancy making me wonder where the loyalties of ordinary Kashmiris actually lay?

Mar 31, Murtaza rated cyrfewed really liked it. A society where a door knock after sunset is an alarm for danger to the life and a morning stroll is impossible without an identity card, checks and frisks and the fear of a bomb exploding somewhere nearby is very real, uncertainty of life cannot be more.

But he would go back to Kashmir, write this book and then leave again. The details of torture, stories of survivals are horrifying. The kashmir that was taken away from both the muslims and the hindus. One of the most moving moments in this very moving book tells of Peer’s inability to visit Kunan Poshpura, the village where Indian soldiers gang-raped 20 women in This book is a must-read for all mainland Indians, particularly the majority community.

Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Prague had protested and won; Berlin had protested and won; Kashmir too had believed that there protest will win Kashmir its freedom. So I would say the review of such book is more of a Subjective matter Overall the lucid language and way of description is good i felt. Since the book is about Kashmir, the author should have also elaborated more on the massacre of the Kashmiri Pandits and the violence meted out to pro-Indian Muslims.


This book is based on the experience of the muslim kashmiri and how those who stayed suffered by both the militants as well as the indian military.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer | Book review | Books | The Guardian

They can face bullets, bombs, or lynch mob anytime. How terrible it is to live in fear!

Something is lost after reading this! Because there has always been a constant war, a constant battle, a constant conflict mainly between Kashmir people and the Indian government over the right to official rule this region, gy inside Kashmir that have been taking thousands and millions of innocent lives, which the world has chose to ignore. The book is sensitively written and manages to humanize all sides of the conflict.

The writing shows Peer’s love of his ‘homeland’ and his joy and pain on his brief return. It is a war that hasn’t yet ended, though it has changed shape considerably in the last 20 years. Somehow the book is disjointed, it jumps from one incident to another but the might is not smooth.

For the full review, visit IndiaBookStore Kashmiris’ faced violence, irrespective of their religion.

Injustice was done not only to the Pandits but also to currewed Muslims in Kashmir. At the end of Curfewed Night Peer crosses the “line of control” the Indo-Pak ceasefire line which functions as a de facto border separating one part of Kashmir from the other.

Every hair on your body stood up. Trips to bookstores, with their shelves and shelves laden with books from warzones, made Peer realize that not enou “I was twenty four, restless, and oblivious to the cold. Read and keep reading again and remember it before posting stupid status updates from the comfort of your air conditioned rooms and offices.

Aug 26, Swati Agrawal rated it it was amazing.