Draupadi is the most important female character in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. According to .. Alf Hiltebeitel in his acclaimed research work, “The Cult of Draupadi” explores the source of this myth as he travels through the rural areas of. : The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 1: Mythologies: From Gingee to Kuruksetra (): Alf Hiltebeitel: Books. Draupadi Cult and the Osiris Story of Egypt V. Krishnakumar In this section, we discuss the evidences from Draupadi cult that support our.

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Upon hearing of the Pandavas’ supposed death at Varnavatahe set up a Swayamvara contest for Draupadi to choose her husband from the competitive contest. Beginning the Terukkuttu Cycle A. Fieldwork and other cultrelated sites. Is their Draupadi angry at being unjustly treated? During the war, Draupadi stays at Ekachakra with other women. King of Mysore, India cuts a branch of Banni tree on the day of Vijayadashmi in Navarathri festival commemorating the Pandavas keeping weapons on Banni tree.

For about two hundred nights a year, M Damodaran, a year-old master of Bharatha koothutells the story of Draupadi to thousands of people across northern Tamil Nadu. Kichaka accepted her condition. The Gold Tree of Gingee 5. This laughter of Draupadi’s was later on singled out and romanticized by various poets and bards for years as a symbolic cause for the dice-game, and eventually the war.

Against each item we discussed above we have the corresponding comparison with the same index, that is 1. This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat Thighs and Hair These stories have no Sanskrit counterpart at all. He says to his father, “And, O king, Yajnaseni, without having eaten herself, daily seeth whether everybody, including even the deformed and the dwarfs, hath eaten or not.

We are again mapping tapas in Indian story to death in Egyptian story as we did in the case of Arjuna.

The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 1

The small shrine, deserted but for the priest who stayed back in anticipation of our visit, is the adi peethamthe font of a tradition of goddess worship in a region of Tamil Nadu known as Tondainadu that dates back to the Pallava period CE. King Drupada of Panchala had been defeated by the Pandava prince Arjuna on behalf of Dronawho subsequently took half his kingdom.


Duhsasana stalks Draupadi in Dice Match and Disrobing. Draupadi then cursed Kichaka with death by her husband’s hand. Draupadi, though had five children, was viewed as a virgin [13]. Isis, with her son born, possibly by assault of Seth, was denied by the followers all through. Almost everyone agrees that she is a deliverer of instantaneous justice. Similarly Isis is compared to and considered as the origin of Virgin Mary concept [17].

University of Chicago PressMar 21, – Religion – pages. By examining the ways that the cult of Draupadi commingles traditions about the goddess and the epic, Alf Hiltebeitel shows the cult to be singularly representative of the inner tensions and working dynamics of popular devotional Hinduism.

The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 2: On Hindu Ritual and the Goddess, Hiltebeitel

The Ritual Cycle and the Temple Icons 4. On the year they had to go into exile, the Pandavas chose to stay in the Matsya Kingdom. However, our views are contrary to this, at least in connection with the Draupadi cult. In DharmakshetraDraupadi was portrayed by Kashmira Irani. The character Muttala Ravuttan is draupasi as a Muslim [13].

It rdaupadi, Draupadi washed her hair with her brother-in-law Dushasana’s blood, as a mark of her vengeance against the molestation she had suffered at the dice-game.

Cult Of Draupadi Mythologies From Gingee To Kurukshetra Alf Hiltebeitel Vol 2

Playing the next round, Shakuni wins. The Draupati Amman cult or Draupati sect is a regional Hindu tradition in which a community of people worship Draupati Amman as a village goddess with unique rituals and mythologies.

Osiris was recovered by Isis from his coffin, and he was resurrected with the help of Thoth. Having restored their pride and wealth, the Pandavas and Draupadi leave for Indraprastha, only to receive another invitation for a game of dice, in which the loser would be given an exile of 12 years followed by a year of Agnathavas, meaning “living in incognito”.


The cult cullt Draupadi, Volume 1 Snippet view – Draupadi, when asked to reveal her inner truth, says she loves a great person who is either Draipadi or Krishna, apart from the Pandavas, according to the Tamil versions of Draupadi cult [13].

They covered the weapons by the dead body of a woman. The Sacrifice of the Pregnant Sister B. You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. Let the king bind this gem on his head, O Bharata!

The Cholas, the Vijayanagara kings and the Nayaks who later ruled the kingdom of Gingee presumably encouraged the art form, and continued to patronise temples to Draupadi.

Drupadi asks that her husband Yudisthir be freed from bondage so her son Prativindhya would not be called a slave.

Now the dispute starts as to who shot it first. Thus this maps to Shiva hunting the boar to begin with and finally throwing Arjuna to the sky with his body mangled into a ball of flesh. With the help of KrishnaPandavas rebuilt Khandavprastha into the glorious Indraprastha.

We suspect that draupadu is remotely connected to Osiris in some way, may be it resembles Osiris body while in coffin being enclosed by Tamarisk tree near the delta of Nile. The coffin of Osiris got trapped in a tamarisk tree that was made into a pillar by the king of Byblus [1]. Characters in the Mahabharata Tamil deities.

The cult stories capture more deep and convincing links to the Egyptian story and also stand as a conduit between the Egyptian story and the Sanskrit Mahabharata, by its relative closeness to the Egyptian story.

When Draupadi went to get wine, Kichaka tried to molest her.