Mabel Condemarín 3 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. comprensión lectora. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or. tests: Prueba de Dyslexia Específica (Condemarín & Blomquist, ) and Prueba de Comprensión Lectora de Complejidad Lingüística Progresiva ( Alliende. Recursos de activación mental para incrementar la comprensión lectora: anticipación Al respecto, Pearson, Hansen y Cordón (), en Condemarín ( ).

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All this integrates her prior knowledge with a support for the acquisition of new knowledge Areiza and Henao, ; Woolfolk, The specialists relate these issues to the low investment in education in all the countries of Latin America. The group is composed of a few competent readers, and others who still show themselves to be inexpert.

In this work, a group of university students were confemarin concerning their competencies and deficiencies in the reading comprehension of a fragment of a scientific text used in one of their courses.

Estructuras y funciones del discurso. Regarding the subject matter of the text, they had to include terms or synonyms for body cavitystructural diversitymetazoans.

Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa

Those who did not take it argued that analyzing the text fragment was too time-consuming for them. On the other hand, outside school, many young people spend much of their time in businesses that provide Internet service cybers, internet cafes and perform various activities with more attractive and participatory options online games, chat, interaction with communications media which do not exactly promote higher-order cognitive skills.

Retrieved August 5,from: Retrieved May 5,from: The problem could be related to the educational context and the capabilities of those who plan the goals and activities to be used on the computer.


Currently, the development of networks with electronic support Web has led to a more interactive stage for the teaching-learning process. Pearson, Roehler, Dole and Duffy have shown that competent comprenssion possess defined characteristics, among which are notable: Estrategias para los alumnos del nivel superior.

These were evidenced by the unity, coherence and overall sense of the summary, where they had to rank the ideas using the central proposition as a basis for understanding them Dijk, Problems concerning the comprehension of texts are Benito, Some educators do not recognize that the reading and writing tasks they require are part of the academic practices inherent in the mastery of their discipline Carlino, The rest incorporated inconsistencies, demonstrating an incorrect use of terms and therefore, of concepts; for example, including metazoans and flatworms, or referring only to invertebrates or alluding exclusively to the role of intracavitary clndemarin see Table I.

Retrieved October 12,from: Retrieved March 17,from: Reading; reading comprehension; metacognition; metacomprehension strategies; self-questioning. This research inquired about the effect of a classroom intervention in metacomprehension strategies, specifically self-questioning, on reading comprehension improvement in third and fourth – graders.

As shown in Table II, 13 students recognized the main idea of the text, but 8 of them did so improperly. In general, both groups used the texts with certain limitations and relied in part on prior knowledge to integrate the new information. How to cite this article. Several persons could not select a complete and representative title for the theme addressed.

The resource contained a set of recreated color images, which were reinforced comprensoin explanatory captions and linked to concept maps and comparison charts that compremsion and supplemented the information.

Retrieved August 28,from: The latter point out that the reader tries to find appropriate ways to explain the text and make sense of the information Quintana, ; when the new information is received, the patterns are restructured, adjusted and perfected. The reading of texts, especially scientific ones, is a key technique for recovering acquired knowledge and using concepts that activate the memory as well as the ability to reason, and to make sense of and evaluate the cognitive processes developed, that is, for expanding cognitive and metacognitive skills.


Retrieved August 18,from: Retrieved October 16,from: Developing expertise in reading comprehension. Revista de Ciencias Humanas Brewer EdsTheoretical issues in reading comprehension.

This suggests that difficulties in reading comprehension go beyond the type of resources used Carranza and Celaya, The cognitive configuration of an individual is built using her own conceptual structure and the semantic information she obtains from the world and the context.

The goal determines what skills and capabilities must be brought into play when reading. Contemporary Educational Psychology8 There are two levels in this process: However, the impact the computer has had in our society has given rise to very different and contrasting opinions.

Mabel Condemarín by INGRID ORREGO on Prezi

In its interior are developed the organs within a large space, which allows them to function better. Understanding is not an all-or-nothing process; students can understand in part, to different degrees, or completely. Reading also is perceived as a process of transaction between the reader and the text Rosenblatt,and the meaning extracted from the latter will depend on the transactions produced between the reader and the text in a specific context Cairney, However, we often find students who do not understand what they read because they lack reading comprehension skills, among other things.