IBM Cognos Connection User Guide IBM Cognos Transformer Developer Guide . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay. Documents IBM Cognos Connection User Guide Description Using IBM . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay products. User Guide – Cognos Transformer – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File IBM Cognos PowerPlay Version Migration and Administration Guide.

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With Auto-partition, you can let Cognos Transformer determine where to place the partitions or you can define the partitions manually. You create the dimension view and apply it to the PowerCube object.

An asterisk beside a gransformer name identifies a mandatory prompt. For more information about. Procedure Close as many open applications as possible.

If available, refer to the Details for more information. Suppress omits a category from reports based on the cube, but retains its rollup value in ancestor categories. Page -ox -pfilename. You can set up drill-through access so that users can view more detailed information powerplat a value in a report, from. String-to-Integer Converts a string to an integer. All quotation marks in the original text are converted to single quotation marks and the entire string is enclosed in double quotation marks.

The Data Source Viewer shows sample data from your data source. Cubes are created by your administrator guife added to PowerPlay Enterprise Server or your Cognos portal.


Transformer User Guide 10.2.1

Dimensions and underlaying Levels are created by moving columns from the Data Sources window to the corresponding dimension column. Function Description Date Functions Uesr numeric input and returns a value that is a date. Functions are of these general types: By generating categories immediately, you do not have to wait until cube creation to see the Period information in the Conversion Rates box of the Currency Table dialog box.

Page preventing addition of new categories to level 90 user interface processing cogons using log file overview of Cognos Transformer version 8. PowerCubes in Production Envi For example, the year is represented as In the Associations box, click Add.

A negative Appendix F. In this situation, you cannot test the data source until it is in the network share location. If values for calculated measures are generated before rollup, Cognos Transformer cannot perform consolidation.

A drill-down category cannot be filtered. Cognos Transformer creates and maintains two separate files to manage the time-based cube group. Change the data definition for the column using the string-to-number function, save the.

The category count appears in the Measures list of your model. If you have specified incorrect parameters for your function, this error message will appear. However, these products covnos also be configured to use the data format configuration file. E3 Net Income B Page Page Guude – Creating a package in framework manager Page Page Page Page – Creating a model in cognos transformer Page Page – Working with sap bw data using externali Cognos Transformer Developer Guide. Review any messages that appear and click OK.


This preference does not apply when the Cognos Transformer Version Drill down produces NA values.

Open the property sheet for the time dimension and, on the Time tab, select the Automatically set the current time period check box. Position the cursor in the Dimension Map, below your new time dimension and, from the Edit menu, click Insert Level to open the property sheet for your trannsformer manual level.

Cognos Study Guide: Cognos PowerPlay Transformer

This action was taken to avoid syntax errors in MDL. If your data formats changed and you prefer the data formats from the previous release, you can run an upgrade tool to copy the data format information from the locale.

Either you have rtansformer to a level by an object name or object identifier that Cognos Transformer is unable to locate, or you have not referenced the level.