The Chroma AC power source model sets the standard for high performance AC power sources. It comes equipped with a host of powerful features. Buy the Used Chroma Programmable AC Source V DC/15 to 1KHz; 1kVA on sale at Transcat. Free shipping over $ Rent the Chroma Programmable AC Source V DC/15 to 1KHz; 1kVA at Weekly and Monthly rates available, request a quote today!.

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It can help users to run all functions easily. Chroma series provides powerful functions to simulate all kinds of power line disturbance conditions. It also includes IEC test standards and a report function for recording measurement data for a period of time in a file.

It is capable of generating a periodic harmonic and non-periodic harmonic distorted waveform to perform IEC compliance test.

Thus, it is capable of simulating the unique waveform observed in the field. To curoma the natural waveform, the series also provides an external analog input to amplify the analog signal from arbitrary signal generator. These features make the series ideal for commercial, power electronics, avionics, military and regulation test applications from bench-top testing to mass production.

  AFRS 1413 PDF

Chroma 61502 Used for Sale

The user could also use A Power Stage as an alternative cost effective solution for the parallel operation, by implementing it as slave unit. It can help to find the resonance or the weakest points of UUT. The maximum allowable number of AC source implemented for the parallel operation is 5 units.

With programmable output impedance function, series provide a solution for testing IEC regulations by incorporating a flicker meter. Add to Inquiry Cart Data Sheet. It equips with all powerful features such as power line disturbance PLD simulation, programmable output impedance, comprehensive measurement functions, wave-shape synthesis and regulation test software. The series allows users to compose different harmonic components to synthesize their own harmonic distorted wave-shapes.

High Performance AC Power Source | Chroma ATE Inc.

Applying the advanced DSP technology, the series is able to provide precision and transient voltage waveform as well as measurements such as RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, current crest factor and up to 40 orders of current harmonic components. In this way, series is capable of simulating all sorts of voltage dips, cycle dropout, transient spike, brown out for IEC pre-compliance test and IEC and IEC compliance tests.


Using the state-of-the art PWM technology, the series is capable of delivering up to 6 times of peak current compared to its maximum rated current that makes it ideal for inrush current test. Chroma AC power source series sets up the new standard for high performance AC power source.

The Master unit will keep on Fixed mode and send a signal for synchronizing Chromz. Users can connect 2 units of in series and set the phase angle to zero see figure in 3-PHASE mode.