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The movement of the bag requires the student to focus on timing and rhythm.

This led to personal interpretation and experimentation. Ma Jong The ma jong is one of the most advanced dummies taught to date by Master Chen Yong-Fa to his fut.woodwn sing tong instructors, although it is still relatively simple when compared with the complex tertiary-level dummies of the Choy Lee Fut dummy system.

They had the space required for installing the various jongs in their home. These arms are used to train blocking, while pads located around the post train the strength and accuracy of striking. The rest of the jongs include: Agility and awareness are essential in the use of this dynamic training tool and make this dummy effective for both offensive techniqes defensive training.

It features a swinging arm at the front of the dummy, as well as a helicopter-like arm at the top. The ching jong balance dummy is the most well known of all the choy lee fut wooden dummies. France Germany Poland Techniuqes.

Dummies | Choy Lee Fut Pennant Hills

Power Plus Chan Heung put considerable emphasis on power training, which is essential in jong techniques because one must have a strong and solid stance and tough limbs. Shou Yi Activities in: Speed, reaction and understanding how to bridge the bag is just as texhniques, as being too slow will limit the amount of space before the returning bag can be counterattacked.


The log is mounted on wheels and springs in such a way that when pushed back the horse charges forward, forcing the practitioner to defend and control the dummy. The jongs will give you all this and more.

This works the muscles and ligaments and allows the student to improve his strength by striking the bag harder each time. Power and a flexible horse stance are used to avoid and redirect the energy generated by the heavy log. This gradual evolution of techniques came about because of geographical separation, difficulty of communication and that each generation had its own comprehension of what went before, especially if their lineage is further away from Chan Heung and the direct teaching of the Chan family.

Ching Jong The ching jong balance fut.sooden is the most well known of all the choy lee fut wooden dummies. This ranges from wooden dummies, sand bag dummies and even weapon dummies. The Choy Lee Fut system has 18 different dummy sets.

There are recorded forms, in which 48 are single-person fist forms and about 20 are wooden dummy techniques. The use of two interlocking spinning arms also requires a quick eye, together with fast and accurate hands to hit the targets between the rotations of the arms.

Punching must also be done with heavy power because it ensures that the horse stance is strong and firmly grounded. After over 40 years with Choy Lee Fut, he has a deep understanding of his family system and wants to pass down and propagate these techniques, especially the wooden dummy.


When the bag is hit and made to swing, subsequent strikes must be made not only at the right moment, but also with a strong horse stance.

Choy Lee Fut Wooden Dummies

The practitioner must also used his Qi with the moves to fut.woode the power to move the weights. Chan Heung put considerable emphasis on power training, which is essential in jong techniques because one must have a strong and solid stance and tough limbs.

The arms are coordinated so that striking the swinging arm causes the rotation of the helicopter arm, which is located at head height so the student must avoid or block this arm or receive a blow to the head. The ching jong cut.wooden dummy is usually taught first. This is especially true in the case of the wooden dummies known as jongs in Cantonese.

Chan Koon Pak accepted their request and gave them the specifications to construct the jongs. The sui sau jong breaking hand dummy is another of the Choy Lee Fut primary-level dummies. Movements alternate between high and low strikes and from long to short-distance techniques in line with the flux of yin and yang. The sar bow kee is a heavy, top hung swinging bag that requires strong energy to move.