Brad Thor’s thriller in the Scot Harvath series, The Lions of Lucerne. The Lions of Lucerne is a spy novel published in and written by American novelist Brad Thor. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Reviews; 3 References; 4 External links. He’s fearless. He’s tireless. If you get him angry, as does the chief of staff of the vice-president of the United States, he’ll pop you with an uppercut. He’s Secret.

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The Lions Of Lucerne

Thor’s description of Mormons being raised as one is seriously flawed. Once former SEAL Horvath disobeys of course doctor’s orders and starts doing thkr own investigation instead of letting the various agencies do their jobs, the daughter isn’t mentioned again until toward the end of the book.

Aug 12, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: Do you have to read these books in order?

First off, Mormon Sunday meetings last three hours, not five hours, unless said Mormon is a Bishop or a Relief Society president or missionaries, or a stake presidency. Then Superman – I mean, Horvath, proceeds to dig them out, take off much of his own clothing to put on the daughter, and starts trekking down the mountain until they are found by members of the detail that were stationed in the cabin.

The worst example has the narrative explain how the hero studies the faces in any public place he enters, and the scene closes with someone he has reason to be suspicious of leaving the room unnoticed with his sabotage complete. Scot Harvath is tough, smart, resourceful, and has a sense of humor about himself and others.

I like the characters and there are plot twists that drive the story and reveal the author’s talent, despite the cookie cutter format of much of the action. Which explains his misconceptions – they only added to my amusement and didn’t distract my enjoyment.

He teams up with the Swiss agent after a mountainside attempted assassination of himself and possibly her, only to go right back to the town he if staying in. Second, most Mormons do NOT believe that the husband has a say whether his wife gets to the Celestial Kingdom, the highest level liona heaven.


When the president is kidnapped during his ski holiday in Colorado, disavowed Secret Service Kions Scott Harvath is his or hope of rescue. And while the realism was a bit lacking, as is tradition in this genre, tuor was as close to realism as it seems to get, which I appreciated. But of course, they don’t listen to him, because it was his detail that was killed, allowing POTUS to be taken.

Sort of a cross between TV’s “24” and a Tom Clancy thriller, the Scot Harvath character is well-written and can be related to; he isn’t a superhero, he makes mistakes losing the President being one of them and now must try to resolve that mistake even when facing obstacle after obstacle.

On a side note, if there is one phrase I wish writers would lose, forever, it has to be “As you know Yet she gets interrupted and he still manages to survive In disgrace, he realizes the investigation into the President’s disappearance is on the wrong track, This book shows why I first became hooked on Brad Thor novels; it’s fast paced, alternately tense, with a wise cracking tough guy character truly different from most series technothrillers.

Apr 11, Andrew rated it really liked it. Now we will see if I like the current book with the same “super man” hero. While some parts of the book are slow and the story tends to drag a bit, it will still hold your interest right tuor to the end.

Other media, notably regional titles, were more positive.


From here it is a relatively quick pages to the finish line. It could have been a good story. Scot is possessed with the bizarre notion that, because he is in some measure responsible for the horrifying event that occurs at the beginning of this story, it is therefore his moral duty to bring the perpetrators to justice, even if it means interfering with a federal investigation that has a much better chance of success than he does.

It’s ludicrous, and even the people who know him best, and have worked with him longest, are ready to believe he’s turned into a sociopath and torpedoed his own protection detail. I’m having a hard time just giving this book 3 stars. The action scenes were interesting, but they felt like every gunfi This book was generally good.


View all 6 comments. Apr 11, Mike rated it liked it.

The Lions of Lucerne eBook by Brad Thor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Additionally he picks the worst possible lucerme to meet a team of trained European mercenaries in a location that has only one access point, a tourist train Many of Scott’s Secret Service team have been lost. In The Lions of Lucerne, the US President is on vacation on the snow-covered slopes of Utah, and while skiing, the President and his Secret Service team are ambushed by a group of highly-trained Hitmen, who wipe out the Secret Service agents, and kidnap the President, only one SS agent has survived the ambush, e Being a fan of Tom Clancy’s Ot Ryan series and Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series, I finally decided to give Brad Thor a shot, and for my first book of his I didn’t come back disappointed!

What I do find hard to believe is that to defeat a bill in Congress they’d conspire to assassinate Secret Service agents and kidnap the American president and frame the surviving agent for murder. Harvath is a great kick-ass type character, a highly trained operative with a no-nonsense attitude who doesn’t always play by the rules but always gets the job done, very similar to Flynn’s Mitch Rapp luerne. I typically read in bed to help me fall asleep at night. Gryffindor Reading Lucegne 9 21 Mar 12, lucenre Specifically, Thor seemed to have fallen for a very typical but flawed assumption: While the writing isn’t as tight — this is Thor’s first published book — the story was just as compelling, if not more so.

View all 9 comments. Will he live long enough to rescue the President?

Sign up and get a free eBook! At least this reader didn’t. It simply was not good.