Originally Posted by Modern_Talking I have both mx and the mackie 24*8 consoles with meter bridge.. I must say I love the mx more. Great budget 24 input 8 bus console for stage or studioSpecifications: Extra 24 input MIX- B Channels, each channel individually 2-band EQ, Gain, Pan and. EURODESK. ®. MXA Version May Technical . BEHRINGER and EURODESK are registered trademarks. ALL RIGHTS.

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Posted 16 June – Posted 17 June – MarkPAman, on 16 June – SimonTheSoundMan, on 16 June – Community Forum Software by IP.

Blue Room Technical Forums Limited. Blue Room technical forum: Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. I paid a very low price eurodesi it on ebay and it is alot of desk from what I can see for what I paid for it, I just use it eutodesk simple set ups with eurofesk few mics and a laptop only using about 12 channels on a gig so I dont know if it was worth buying all those other channels if I dont use them but it came around mx800 the right price, I am only 16 yet I have already owned a few other desks yamaha EMX, Midas Venice ,and because I already work for a company I have acsess to other desks which I have used in the past I rather like the desk but before I start using this desk as my main FOH desk rather then my midas I want to know any problems you have come across with this desk cheers, p.

I have already had somebody pour a drink over it so have just had that repaired, This post has been edited by Behriger However, it’s an old design that hasn’t been made for several years and Behringer gear is certainly not known for it’s longevity. Behringer make inexpensive gear at the budget end of the market where price is a bigger issue than sound or build quality. Their stuff is decent value for the money it costs–but never forget how little their stuff costs.


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Frankly, the EMX is probably a far better built mixer but it’s hard to compare them since it’s a powered mixer with fewer inputs and without the busses. However, the Midas Venice is in a different league entirely.

I’m not a fan of the Venice–I consider them over priced for what they are and hate the 60mm faders but in terms of sound quality and the way they’re built there’s no comparison with the Behringer. Both have their places in the market for cars but they don’t tend to compete for the same market. Oh, and the Yamaha is a Ford Fiesta. What can go wrong with eurodedk Behringer?

From what I’ve heard, the most common thing to die is the power supply, followed closely by the internal cabling which can corrode or just fall off the connectors, causing clicks, pops and loss of channels. If it’s working and has the facilities you need and since you got a good deal by all means use it until it dies. However, once you start playing with the EQ or hearing the output on a high quality PA, you may miss your Midas. Behringer even copied it down to having the same serial number printed on the PCBs.

It’s been a good few years since that urban myth last surfaced–I really hoped we were done with it. I wouldn’t write home about the quality of begringer. Second, Mackie attempted a lawsuit against Behringer and lost. If you search the web you can find lots of the documents pertaining to this.

I’m not a big fan of either manufacturer but the “Behringer ripped off Mackie” myth has been circulating for well over a decade and it’s not more true today than when it started and Mackie lost their claim. MX is a Mackie copy with inferior components.

Faults wise – one channel became ‘difficult’ raising the fader produced no sound, until is would suddenly come on at a near the top of bwhringer scale level.

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Solution, spend a long time removing the boards – or don’t use it? I didn’t use it. The insides are 3 big main boards, linked euordesk ribbon connectors and lots of gunge over the connectors.

I never had issues, but asome people found they needed to remove the gunge, push the connectors home and refix – usually vibration wiggles them gradually off. Pre-amps were pretty good really – perhaps a little noisier than the Soundcraft I replaced it with, but never euroddesk problem. My biggest annoyance was that the thick power supply cable has a plastic connector, which isn’t too strong – and I broke mine.

It is, however, really a recording mixer – many features are clearly pointed towards recording. Each channel has two sections, one with simple eq and gain facilities, and the other has behrlnger full ones – intended to get tracks back in from a recorder.

As a consequence, the 6 auxes are really 4 – the others are in the return path, for headphone monitoring in the studio. Md8000 you can live with this, they’re fine. There are 8 groups – but each one has 3 outputs 1,9,17 on the rear panel, again for connection to a recorder. Behringer did base it on the Mackie, no doubts whatsoever. I was using this mixer before some people commenting on it were at High School – it’s very easy to comment on equipment you have heard about.

Sound on Sound Magazine were pretty impressed with it when it came out – and some md8000 more expensive desks at that time were far less reliable – I had one of those too. Delete From Topic Behrinegr post will be removed from this topic completely.

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