Brothers Andrew and Adam Steiner are both descended from Simon Borge- Steiner, but it is unclear who their parents were. ↑ Brothers Andrew and Adam. Was wondering if there are any novels that focuses specifically on House Steiner/ The Lyran Commonwealth/The Lyran Alliance, or at least has. Compiled from ComStar records both ancient and modern comes this sourcebook on the Lyran Commonwealth and House Steiner. Included are dozens of.

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Or an even easier excuse is that your faction has bought some mechs from their neighbors and you got your hands on one.

Looking to get a set of light mechs to play in game, but just generally curious as well. But you can justify almost any mech for any faction really. Indeed, one of the non-Lyran plot lines in Bonfire leads directly into the opening fiction in FM: The Cresent Hawk’s Inception and I was already a fan housee House Steiner before getting into Battletech, despite them being portrayed as villains in the majority of the games I’ve played.


You just need to find a role, maybe a scout or you play conquest and capture points with it. Eteiner like that are a lovely touch for me and I do like to see them around. I realise Housr crazy for not going pure stats and ‘meta’ but I do like to theme certain things I do.

Steiner is very fond of assaults. It gives me a lot more to think about when considering what to fill the empty mechbay with. Not steineer with the Flashman until I looked it up on Sarna.

May the Albatross ever fly high. Patriots and Tyrants, Storms of Fate and Endgame.

House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth)

Most importantly the Atlas. Don’t sell it, you will have fun with it later.

Posted 28 March – House Steiner and Field Manual: Posted 15 April – Are the some mechs th hat just scream Thats from the Lyra Commonwealth! It does a good damage in a good game.

TheMainframer, on 23 April – I’ve recently began to play through Battletech: I bought the Oxide mech thinking I would get some nostalgia from my original MW yes I’m dating myself here games. I’m constantly considering saving them to a document somewhere just to have a general idea what the factions are rolling around steinerr.

Host of Arbitration, your last word in Battletech Talk.


Posted 23 March – Remember many mechs are imported or acquired by other means that may not make this list. The Commando is a very good mech, worth mastering it.

House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) – BattleTechWiki

Posted 24 March – There is certainly mechs that are more common than others but there’s nothing to say that the mech you pilot wasn’t mothballed back in the day and has been taking out of storage for use.

This doesn’t include all the Inner Sphere General mechs. Atlas, Banshee, Battlemaster, Stalker, Highlander.

Posted 22 May – Other than that, a significant portion of the novels set in the s follow Victor Steiner-Davion and his life, hiuse is mostly spent split between Tharkad and New Avalon when he’s not fighting the Clans in person, anyway.

Not my style, but that’s not the point of my question up top.