Baeckea frutescens is a natural remedy recorded to be used in curing various health conditions. In Peninsular Malaysia, B. frutescens is found. Baeckea frutescens L. Show All Show Tabs baeckea. General Information. Symbol: BAFR4. Group: Dicot. Family: Myrtaceae. Duration: Growth Habit. Baeckea frutescens L. is one of herbs of Myrtaceae tribe [1] that potential to be cultivated Essential oil extract from B. frutescens L’s roots is likewise anti-.

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The strong ion chelating capacity of water extract could be explained based on previous reports which suggested water-soluble compounds such as polysaccharides do have capabilities to frutesfens metal ions in an approach similar to phenols [ 18 ]. Three of the samples were dominated by pinenes Int J Cancer Res. The current study showed that B. The essential oil obtained by steam distillation of leaf material of B.

Table 4 Cytotoxic activity IC 50 values of B. The current study focused on frtuescens cancer cell lines as B.

The reducing power assay together with DPPH free radical scavenging assay are common biochemical assays used to assess the direct involvement of extracts in enhancing the primary antioxidant activity. Lastly the toxicity of the crude methanol extract was evaluated using the acute oral toxicity experiment. Flavanones from Baeckea frutescens. Metal ion chelation has an indirect antioxidant effect as oxidative damages may be promoted by certain transition metals such as iron and copper, and such oxidative reaction which occurs in vivo is involved in development of certain neurodegenerative diseases [ 16 frutwscens, 17 ].


Baeckea frutescens

Evidently, frugescens such plant with these potentials is B. Synergistic inhibition of human lung cancer cell growth by adenovirus-mediated wild-type p53 gene transfer in combination with docetaxel and radiation therapeutics in vitro and in vivo.

Support Center Support Center. Kae Shin Sim, Phone: The medicinal plants not only provide a wide range of vitamins and nutrients to the human diet, but also possess chemical compounds which might have the potential to be used as therapeutic agents. As mentioned earlier, molecules such as flavonoids and phenols are generally more soluble in methanol, chloroform and ethyl acetate.

BHA was used as a positive reference standard. The MTT assay was conducted in order to assess the cytotoxic activity of B. This page was last modified on 11 Marchat As antioxidant activities may be attributed to more than one mechanism, the ability of metal ion chelation of B.

The experiment was repeated twice to ascertain the reproducibility of results. The higher the level of reductive capability that is possessed by the tested extract, the higher the absorbance value due to a larger number of Prussian blue colour complexes formed. An investigation by Fujimoto et al.

Baeckea frutescens – Wikispecies

This is a clear indication that the extract tested has no significant amount of toxicity in reference with the frutescend of the rats. The outcome derived from this research will provide a strong foundation for further in depth studies to be performed using B.


This reaction will determine the ability of the extract to function as a secondary antioxidant through the prevention in forming of free radicals. The absorbance value was converted to percentage of reducing capabilities and the EC 50 value was derived to obtain a better comparison between the tested extracts.

The lack of ability to disrupt the biochemical pathways present in the cancer cells may have been a cause as to why the extracts from this plant failed to exert a substantial cytotoxicity effect against the tested cancer cells.

Methanol was used as a blank for this experimentation. Retrieved from ” https: The role of complementary and alternative medicine: There was a wide range of phenolic concentrations present in the methanolic crude extract of B.

Both extract-treated group and vehicle-treated group did not exhibit any abnormalities in behaviour, breathing, disruption in food and water consumption, skin effects and hair loss. DPPH radical scavenging activity The free radical-scavenging potential frutescehs the extracts and its fractions were analysed according to previously reported method of Teoh et al.

SN and KSS wrote the manuscript. Estimation of acute oral toxicity in rates by determination of the approximate lethal dose rather than the LD The effect of B.