To measure straightness of a beam with the use of Auto-Collimator. – To identify the principle of Auto-Collimator device. – To be able to draw conclusions about. Auto-collimator is an optical instrument used for measuring small angular differences. Relevant for: Autocollimator The autocollimator combines both optical tools, the collimator and the telescope into Operating principle of the autocollimator.

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Visual autocollimators rely on the operator’s eye to act as the photodetector.

Many other applications require alignment of the laser beam to its optical cavity or to other optical elements. Optical devices Optical metrology Measuring instruments. In some distance, the collimated beam is reflected back from a mirrored surface. Both beam paths are seperated by using a beam splitter.

Laser Autocollimator and Bore Sighting – Novus Light Today

Principles of Operation The autocollimator projects a beam of collimated light. The autocollimator is a very sensitive angle measuring device and is thus used for the precise angular adjustment of optical or machine components. The shift of the autocollimation image from the center of reticule in both x and y directions is proportional to the mirror’s t ilt angle.

Micro-Radian also offers a visual autocollimator that uses a CCD camera in place of the eyepiece. The resolution of an autocollimator increases proportionally and the angular field of view reciprocally with the focal length of the objective lens.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If the beam diverges, a virtual image is produced at the aparent crossing point of the beam rays. The magnification of the telescope is given by the ratio of the objective focal length and the eyepiece focal length. Micro-Radian autocollimators are available in both analog or digital “servo” versions suitable for providing high speed, real-time angular monitoring in OEM servo-feedback and servo-feedforward systems.


These specialized instruments are designed for measuring small test parts including silicon components, miniature mirrors and lenses, and fiber optic components. The operating principle is explained in the following. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat This procedure will bring the autocollimatoe to be perfectly aligned to the laser direction. Sub pixel resolution by evaluating image gray levels.


The autocollimator is than adjusted to coincide with the laser direction by using its built in mechanical adjustment.

Typically, the servo-version of the T40 or T30 optical heads are selected because of their compact, lightweight size and wide field of view.

An autocollimator is an optical instrument for non-contact measurement of angles.

Illuminating Products CES An external reflector reflects all or part of the beam back into the instrument where the beam is focused and detected by a photodetector. Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian analog autocollimatir. Micro-Radian designs and manufactures all of aurocollimator autocollimators and is very capable of making modifications to autocolllimator instruments to suit customer requirements.

Micro-Radian visual autocollimators project a pinhole image. Because the autocollimator uses light to measure angles, it never comes into contact with the test surface. Latest from the trade show floor. By observing an external target, once through the bores’ optical head and secondly through the weapon scope, an adjustment could be made such that both will point at the same target.


The collimator is often used as a test chart projector for the inspection of infinity corrected objective lenses, e. Applications are roughly divided into two fields – optical and mechanical engineering. Because the human eye acts as the photodetector, resolution will vary among operators.

The camera transmits a video signal via USB 2. Autocollimators are high-precision instruments for measurement of angular reflections. Typically, people can resolve from lrinciple to 5 arc-seconds. Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian bench top digital autocollimators or click here to view the PC-based digital autocollimators.

We are also fully capable of designing and manufacturing specialized autocollimators as the needs require. The operator views the reflected pinhole image s through an eyepiece.

All Micro-Radian visual autocollimators are focused on infinity, making them suitable for use at any working distance. Checking right angle prisms for angular and pyramid errors.

Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian visual autocollimators. Standard Collimator infinity setting.

Optical Angle Measurement

Depending on the location of the reticle relatively to the focal plane, it results a real or a virtual image at a finite distance. Focusing Collimator Finite distance setting real image. An ultra-compact, high-power LED for high-density solid-state