Sitting In The Fire by Arnold Mindell. “I should have told you at the beginning, reading this book will make you angry,” our teacher said, already. Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., shows how working with power, rank, revenge and abuse helps build sustainable communities. Mindell is the co-founder of processwork. Sitting in the Fire: Large Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity. Front Cover Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., is the founder of a new school of therapy called.

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Welcome Amy and Arnold Mindell’s website. Find information about upcoming events, Process Work, Arnild, and more. Here you will find out about our work and lives, and about Process oriented Psychologyor what is also called Processwork. Our work is based on the science and art of following processes as they appear in individuals, relationships, groups, organizations, governments and nature.

Find out here about how dreams manifest in the body: Explore the physics that inspires usmnidell the roots and companions of process oriented psychology. Since the ‘s, we, that is Arny, and later Amy, have been studying how to work with process and how to facilitate the challenging, mysterious, wonderful and sometimes agonizing, human and natural world we live in.

We teach seminars around the world and consult with individuals in private practice, sittign also work with families, organizations, and governments. Find our Schedule above and more information About Us.

We have seen that awareness of the flow of events, attention to signals in the body, the environment and everyday life of individuals, relationships and groups often brings relief, resolution, and sustainable, personal and social change.

The basic idea is that the process that is, deep feelings, dreams, signals, and events show the way. Processwork is the art, science, and the psychology of following the nature of individuals, communities, and eco-systems. What is this nature exactly? It appears in the descriptions or self descriptions of nature and people, as well as the subtler often missed signals and deep experiences of everyone and everything involved.


Following this nature is often a great help for everyone involved. Following nature often gives meaning and necessary change. Processwork, also called process oriented psychology, is a multicultural, multi-leveled awareness practice including people and their natural environment.

It is an evolving, trans-disciplinary approach supporting individuals, relationships and organizations to discover themselves. Processwork theories and methods, skills and metaskills are available for anyone to experience and can be tested. Processwork can be used to help people in all states of consciousness: It can be applied to psychological problems, body symptoms, groups, organizations, governments, and has been used for very young and very old people. The process science of the dreambody laid out the principles and concepts of process oriented psychology.

This interdisciplinary method connecting psychology, physics, and spirituality can be used to work with difficult personal situations and organizational issues.

Sitting in the Fire Audiobook | Arnold Mindell |

Amy Mindell created and defined the concept of “Metaskills” in her book, Metaskills: The Spiritual Art Of Therapy. Kindle version released Since Septwe, Amy and Arny have been researching and experimenting with a new, and widely applicable phase-oriented process concept. We show how noticing the phases of individual, relationship, and stiting groups helps facilitators understand and organize their work better.

The new work Conflict: Phases, Forums, and Solutions: For our Dreams and Body, Organizations, Governments, and Planet published in contributes a “meta-view”, or overview to help predict, understand and work with what people go through. Frie is Processwork applied to small and large groupscommunities and organizations, business, international events and environmental problems.


Deep democracy is the core principle and practice of worldwork. It is the inclusion of not only all viewpoints, but also all levels of our experience including facts, feelings, dreams and the subtle, intangible atmosphere between us. Processwork is practiced and studied in many centers around the world.

Sitting in the Fire

To see those centers, click Minedll Association of Process oriented Psychology for the global community. We believe and always find that human processes are inherently creative. Amy practices, writes and teaches about developing creativity, music and art using Processwork. To see creative and imaginary animated figures discussing Worldwork theory and practice see Amy’s video series: Contact Us Use the form on the right to contact us. Schedule Events Events Events Events. Amy and Arnold Mindell.

Photo by Kira Held. Find all our Books here. Find out what Wikipedia says about Arny and Processwork. For recent viewpoints see Arny’s Facebook page on this page’s right side. New Phase Oriented Process Concepts Since Septwe, Amy and Arny have been researching and experimenting with a new, and widely applicable phase-oriented process concept.

For Individuals, organizations and large group processes: Arnold Mindell on Worldwork: Deep democracy brings democracy to life in the moment as a living reality. Creativity, Music, Art Even within the most lifeless-looking object or experience lies a wealth of potential.