Recommended Practice for. Performance Testing of. Cementing Float Equipment . API Recommended Practice 10F. Third Edition, April ANSI/API 10F/ISO. API RP 10F. April 1, Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Cementing Float Equipment. This International Standard describes testing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 10F at Engineering

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Back-pressure rating to 10, psi. Designed for plugs to latch-down so that plug separation is prevented when casing pressure is released. Same drill out features as stage collar. Type S Set Shoe Shoe with special drillable lug nose. Seals providing internal and external integrity are housed in the tool body and remain stationary throughout operation of the tool.

Time savings realized by filling each casing joint as it is run vs. Suitable for most applications up to 35 degrees deviation.

Erosion-resistant coating for heavy drilling fluids. Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of pressure sensitive zones below.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Used in conjunction with stage cementing collars for multi-stage cementing applications. Double PVTS valve assembly for redundancy to assure cement is retained in the annulus. Adjustable conversion pressure from psi to psi. Also allows for immediate well control by circulating heavier fluids as needed. Controls wellbore migration of gas and fluid. Used on applications to isolate pre-drilled or slotted casing below from cement.


Same features as Type MC stage collar for closing, drill out, and integrity. Center hole in nose is designed to prevent drop balls from potentially sealing off thereby reducing flow area. Unique interlocking adjoinment between end collar and bow spring. Plugs lock against upward movement to prevent them from being unseated while being drilled out.

Cast Aluminum nose material standard, easily drilled out due to numerous break points jets and shorter design.

Only one internal ai that effects a metal to metal seal and engages a back-up elastomer seal. Eliminates requirement for handling large diameter cementing heads and plugs or drilling out large diameter plugs. Casing hardware inclusive of: Drillable with mill-tooth rock bit, some success with PDC bits. Receiver built into collar that receives adapter on the bottom of drill pipe inner-string. Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of first stage cement. Type B C Tag-in Adapter.

Combination Packer Stage Cementing Collars. Solid Body Rigid Centralizers. Slip-on close tolerance Centralizers. Casing fills automatically while running. Reduces the risk of stuck casing by eliminating down-time to fill casing. Casing Hardware Hinged non-welded Centralizers.

Api Rp 10f Floatation Collar – Buy Floatation Collar Product on

Aid for mud wash and removal of gelled mud. Bottom cementing plug ruptures, and cement is pumped through and out of the float equipment. Sleeves lock against rotation for easy drill out. Nose available in aluminum or non-metallic spi.


Available for all casing sizes. Ribbed Down-Jet Float Shoe. Provides significant cost savings. Ream Master Float Shoes. Installation could remove the need for cement squeeze. Conductor Casing Hangers and Landing Rings offshore markets.

Cut out of seamless pipe with a laser. Reliable double-valve flapper design with large inlet. Non-aggressive hard-banding applied to leading and trailing shallow-angled profiles of ribs ensure that the shoe will not make new hole.

Valve comprised on mostly non-metallic internals. Does not require landing first stage cementing plug. After a fluid stabilization period, the casing is filled with drilling fluid.

Generates turbulence around casing for bonding of cement. Type Integral Casing Packers. Ability to immediately circulate casing by engaging element creates a safer working environment by eliminating the need to installa pump-in swage.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Typically used on intermediate and production casings, at times on surface casings. Manufacturing done in Ruma Transport, sand blasting, coating, compounding, rolling and vulcanising. Ro be run with set screws incorporated or between stop devices for rotation. Can be supplied as a Guide Shoe no valvesor with one or multiple back-pressure valves.

Can be made from steel or aluminum.