Author: Behn, Aphra, Title: The unfortunate happy lady a true history / by Mrs. A. Behn. Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI ; Oxford (UK):: Text Creation. Download The Unfortunate Happy Lady free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Aphra Behn’s The Unfortunate Happy Lady for your kindle. To begin where I left off with Moll Flanders, let me then start out by saying that I appreciated in this piece the same intrigue which made it.

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The Unfortunate Happy Lady: A True History

To begin where I left off with Moll Flanderslet me then start out by saying that I appreciated in this piece the same intrigue which made it enjoyable to read. Beyond that, I am not immediately aware of where I should start my critique or response to this. I would like to deal for a minute with the idea that this short story was meant to be an allegory. If it is an allegory, however, I do not know what its lesson is.

The lesson could apparently be to guard your virtue and good things will come to you, but it seems a unfoftunate far-fetched. lsdy


It could be a lesson in the evils of the world, but, again, this does not seem to be the most apparent message. Aphra Behn is historically and literarily recognized as an early feminist writer. Then, there is also the fact that she is providentially rewarded in the end for clinging to that virtue.

Also, she shows better character than many of the male counterparts through her generosity and virtue. To add to that, Philadelphia gains a complete autonomy by the end of the tale.

This is wonderful in an age where this autonomy was not common, in my understanding. I am suspicious of the subtitle: This makes the tale much more riveting, whether it actually is true or not.

Just the hint that it could be must have been encouraging to the original female readers. And perhaps this is what throws this story back hqppy or keeps it in the realm of feminist literature: The idea that it could be a true tale is very empowering to the female reader.

This is true even today. By the end of the story, I could not help but imagine myself in the role of Philadelphia. My, what a fate! I should like to have complete control over who I will, in the end, marry or, rather, in my case, what I would put the money tthe Would that I could show as much virtue as Philadelphia does in her treatment of her rascal brother!


The Unfortunate Happy Lady : Aphra Behn :

Question to anyone perusing this: Those are my thoughts. Without money Moll would never have had to steal therfore she would never have been sent back to America.

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The Unfortunate Happy Lady

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