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(This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 CAUTION. (This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 Association. AGMA B05 Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gear – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online. AGMA B05 Metallurgical.

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Grade 3 Discontinuous carbides per figure 3 are not acceptable, but dispersed carbides per figure 4 are acceptable. Topics related to gear design and rating, such as case depth, stress numbers, and quality control sampling plans are not included in this document.

A sample is machined with a notch and subject to an initial fatigue cycle to pre-crack the sample. A solid solution of one or more elements in face–centered cubic iron. The Saltykov [9] method is a popular and frequently used method to convert area density of spheres to volume density.

Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics

agja Further evaluation at higher magnifications shown in the progression of pictures moving forward to the right shows a fatigue thumbnail, and in the middle of the thumbnail is a globular oxide micro inclusion that measures approximately 20 mm in square root area. See the specific type of case depth such as effective or total case depth. As such, these data alone have great utility in identifying steel sources that can meet the cleanness requirements demanded by agmw loaded, power-dense transmission systems.

Standards Subscriptions qgma ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. This paper has illustrated how statistically robust inclusion population data, gathered agmz SEM automated image analysis, can generate the statistically rich data needed to robustly consider design concerns.

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Magnetic particle inspection of finished gearing5 7 8 9 — Below the pitch line Not specified. The data presented in Figure 3 meet these criteria. Heat treating low alloy PM steels October 15, This information sheet identifies specifications and requirements for various metallurgical quality grades for through hardened, carburize and hardened, induction and flame hardened, and nitrided gearing.

A hard compound of iron and carbon, known chemically as iron carbide, having the chemical formula Fe3C. Microstructure of case along Primarily fine Primarily fine acicular tempered Primarily fine acicular tempered flank for pitting resistance acicular marten- martensite. Key terms used in this document are defined as follows: The key to a proper fit for keyways.

AGMA B05 – Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing

Induction and flame hardened For Grades 1 and 2 gearing, the effective case depth is measured from the finished surface to a location where the hardness number is equivalent to 10 HRC numbers below the specified minimum surface hardness.

Either the flat bottom hole or back reflection method may be 923b05. The minimum inscribed diameter on a test disc or plate dimensions should be three times its thickness. Cold treatment is also known as abma treatment or deep freezing.

Individual AGMA rating standards may have specific modifications to the metallurgical characteristics grading; but the intent is to formalize the assumptions and definitions on which the various AGMA standards are based. Base hardness is applicable to through hardened, induction hardened, flame hardened, and nitrided gearing, but not to carburize and hardened gearing. From this work, they determined that the stress intensity was related to the square root area of the defect in the plane normal to the principal stress, and they developed a stress intensity equation as a function of the square root area of an inclusion as follows:.


Figure 9 illustrates the progression of a gear tooth bending fatigue failure as a result of a globular oxide micro inclusion. Grade 3 is restricted to contour spin induction Type A Contour hardening only. A published document for use in converting from one hardness testing scale to another. B C D E F is the cross sectional area of the billet prior to upsetting, in2 mm2 ; is the height of the cutoff ingot prior to upsetting, inch mm ; is the height of the upset blank after upsetting before piercing, inch mm ; is the height of the upset blank after piercing, inch mm ; is the wall thickness of the upset 92-3b05 after piercing, before any bore expansion associated with piercing, inch mm ; is the height of the finish forged or rolled ring, inch mm ; is the 9223-b05 thickness of the finish forged or rolled aga, inch mm.

These definitions may differ from those in other AGMA publications. Add to Alert PDF. Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagrams. The generic terminology for selective induction or flame heating of a surface layer and then quenching that layer to produce a hardened 923-05 layer that may be thinner than the heated area, but is harder than the unheated base material. Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts.

Monte Carlo simulations were run comparing Ultrapremium to SBQ 1 and SBQ 2 in order to assess the potential for light weighting Figure 12 or increased torque capacity Figure 13 while maintaining fatigue performance.

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